Razzmajazz Traditional Jazz!

Traditional Jazz for any Occasion

If you’re organizing a corporate event, a wedding or any other occasion of note, organizing entertainment and setting the ambiance would likely be the first thing on your mind. When it comes to entertaining and setting the mood, no form of music does it better than traditional jazz! If you’re looking to hire a traditional jazz band for the occasion, you’re in the right place!

What Traditional Jazz is All About

Traditional or “Trad” Jazz as it is also known; comprises of various jazz music styles including the well known and loved Ragtime Jazz and the playful and energetic style of Dixieland. What sets this style of jazz apart from modern jazz is the use of different focal or star instruments.

Instruments and Arrangements

Some of the main instruments used in this form of jazz include but are not limited to the trumpet as well as a lot of clarinet, with bass created by a trombone. Other instruments include percussion instruments, pianos, guitars organs and even saxophones as well as many not listed.

Compositions and arrangements in this jazz style may range from energetic and extravagant to soothing lulling and utterly charming!

Our Band

Our outfit is among the best traditional jazz bands operating in the Dallas, Fort Worth Arlington region. We have decades of experience successfully playing and performing for all manner of events including weddings, corporate functions and Mardi Gras (as well as events of the same theme). We also perform at march pasts and parades in any case, making sure that our audience receives an experience worth remembering.

We specialize in jazz music from the twenties, thirties, forties and fifties and have performed countless classics and improvisations alike.

Tailor Your Entertainment

We’re a major outfit with numerous members playing for the Razmajazz Dixie Band name. At the same time we understand that every event and every client has its own unique requirements. We offer flexibility when it comes to tailoring your entertainment. You may choose from a variety of band sizes according to what suits your event plan as well as your budget.

We pepper our shows with good humor and audience participation to make the experience as enjoyable and entertaining as possible. Our shows are not just about us and the music we play— they’re about adding value to your events and making them roaring successes regardless of what they may be!

If you’re looking to book a traditional jazz band online for an event anywhere in Texas, feel free to give us a shout to discuss particulars. We’ll be delighted to contribute in any way we can!


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