Razzmajazz Ragtime Jazz!

Rag Mama Rag!

If you’re about to host or organize an event, it is important to make sure that your guests are looked after and well entertained. Out of the many forms of entertainment you could arrange for, one unique option would be to hire a Ragtime jazz band!

What about Ragtime?

Possibly one of the oldest specific genres of jazz, ragtime jazz peaked in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This genre originated in Afro-American communities but was picked up by musicians the world over later on. The genre of Swing jazz actually originated from this form of the same!

Us and Ragtime

Among the most highly experienced Dallas, Fort Worth – Arlington jazz bands, we’re happy to say that we love our Ragtime! We have been playing for decades and each of our band members is adept and accomplished both as individual musicians and as a group.

Ragtime is one of the many jazz styles we specialize in and we have performed the same at numerous events and occasions. We have covered weddings and farewells, Mardi Gras and parades as well as numerous official and corporate events successfully.

Familiar with an array of jazz arrangements from anywhere from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, we can assure you that we add value to whatever event or environment we play in!

How we go about It

We value our clients and audiences, understanding that everyone has their own unique requirements when it comes to how they wish to organize events.

We allow clients to choose from different band sizes, make requests regarding instruments and even suggest the specific kind of jazz genres they want to hear played. Apart from this we also comfortably perform requested songs and classics as well as our own improvisations depending on what our clients are looking for. We also take client input on dress and set design so that whatever we plan compliments your existing event theme perfectly! Our shows are extremely interactive which ensures that no one show is the same as the other and all shows are memorable and exciting in any case!

If you’re organizing or hosting an event, function or any other activity in Texas where a real Ragtime jazz band might contribute, we’re at your service! Those looking to hire or book our Ragtime jazz band may connect with us using the details on our contact page!


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