Razzmajazz Dixieland!

Dixieland Jazz for that Element of Flare

One of the most important things as a host is to make sure that your guests are kept well entertained and that the ambiance suits your event. To set the mood and atmosphere, there are not many things that work as great as live entertainment like a Dixieland jazz band!

All about Dixieland

Born down in New Orleans, Dixieland jazz is also commonly referred to as Hot Jazz. Drawing on elements of previous jazz styles and incorporating the string base among other instruments, Dixieland jazz is a high energy genre suited to really uplift the mood of any event or occasion.

What We Are About

The Razmajazz Dixieland Band is one of the most adept groups of jazz musicians operating in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington area. Drawing on years and years of experience, the band is skilled and talented when it comes to playing everything from originals to covers. We have also covered numerous different events over the decades including corporate events, Mardi gras, weddings, parades and March pasts.  Our band offers services to institutes; organizations and individuals making certain that regardless of who we’re performing for, our shows are thrilling, engaging and entertaining.

How We Go about It

Our band is extremely comfortable performing music from a number of eras including jazz from the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. We also perform requested classics as well as improvisations depending on what our clients and audiences are looking for.

Our outfit comprises of numerous members specializing in different instruments, however we offer those who hire us numerous options by way of band size and performance. You can pick and choose from numerous band size options and also elaborate on the kind of Dixieland jazz you are looking to hear. You may also make recommendations by way of outfits and color schemes allowing us to tailor our performance to perfectly complement whatever event you may be hosting.

A final Word

We don’t just perform for audiences in Dallas but are available for hire all across Texas. We make sure; regardless of where we are and who we’re performing for that our shows are interactive, entertaining and nothing short of spectacular.

If you’re someone looking to host an event anywhere in Texas and want to book or hire our Dixieland Jazz band, feel free to connect with us using our contact details!


We have been providing music and comedy for all ages across the North Texas and Metroplex areas since 1984.