The Razzmajazz Dixieland Jazz Band
can be formatted and presented in a variety of ways according to venue, event, and budget.

The full band includes six pieces: clarinet, sax or trumpet, trombone, banjo, tuba (or string bass), and drums.
From there, the number of players can be increased or decreased, as necessary, to as few as two or three performers and as many as ten!

The Razzmajazz Trio is perfect for intimate residential parties or restaurants, grand openings, really any event!

The trio is the smallest version!
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The five piece adds drums!
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Dixieland Jazz for that Element of Flare
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The quartet adds another horn!
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The six piece is the full band!
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Not the Sultans but we know Our Swing!
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Traditional Jazz for any Occasion
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BOOKING INFO and General Inquiries

4 + 13 =

For seven pieces, we add piano!
We have put together large bands of 10+ performers
for street parades and BIG events!

Booking the RazzMaJazz Dixieland Jazz Band is the right choice because…
—You have the right size band for you event, budget, and venue!
—Shows can be performed strolling (acoustically) or from a stage with fulll PA and lights!
—Wardrobe options range – we can match any event, no matter how formal or informal!