The music, the excitement, the entertainment… choosing the music for an event you’re hosting is just as difficult as deciding other vital elements of the soirée.

As some of North Texas’ most popular entertainers, the Razzmajazz Dixieland Band has performed at various events over the past 30 years. Our high-energy Swing jazz and New Orleans Traditional Jazz performances have breathed life into events all over the region, making us the performers of choice for many!

So what makes live jazz music the perfect choice for your event?

Timeless Charm

Jazz music has been an inextricable part of the American experience. The upbeat tunes and inspiring rhythms have played a vital role in shaping the society as we know it today.

Such is the influence of jazz music that it spread from New Orleans—the birthplace of Jazz—to other parts of the world. Having a decade named after its golden age—the Jazz Age—speaks of jazz’s influence over the ages. The timeless charm of the genre continues to persist, making it aperfect choice to entertain large and small crowds alike!

Hiring a live jazz band will allow your guests to be transported to a time of flapper dresses, Swing dancing, and endless enjoyment.

Your Brain Loves It!

Imagine going to a party where there’s no music. It won’t be a surprise when the event turns into one of awkwardness, small-talk, and boredom. That’s every host’s worst nightmare.

Time and again, studies have looked into the effects of music on your brain. Live Science has talked about the importance of “information compression” in making music enjoyable to your brain. The study revealed that the patterns and rhythms in the music make it enjoyable for your brain to process.

So, the next time you’re considering whether a live band would be good for your party, remember this study!

Dressed To Impress

Jazz bands aren’t just known for their energetic music; every part of the entertainment is a performance.

Our band members arrive costumed for your event to add an extra element of excitement. From black-tie tuxedos for formal events to red and white striped shirts for grand openings, we want every element of your event to be amazing!

Upbeat Tunes

Swing and New Orleans Traditional Jazz music are known for their highly-entertaining properties. The upbeat rhythms and flowing tunes are a delight for music-lovers and party goers everywhere.

A live jazz band will add an element of entertainment that other genres can’t compete with. After all, this musical style was developed as an expression of freedom and independence!

Hiring a jazz band for your party—especially ones that specialize in high-energy genres such as Swing Jazz—will definitely liven up any event.

Engaging Audiences

An event is only as enjoyable as its guests are entertained. If you want your guests to be on their feet, dancing the evening away, picking the right band to perform is important.

A live jazz band is the perfect entertainment for your event. Audience participation and engagement is a vital part of the performances. Whether it’s taking requests from the audience or encouraging them to interact with the band, a live jazz band is bound to keep everyone entertained.

If you’ve got an event coming up, hire a live jazz band to make the evening unforgettable. As one of the best jazz groups in Dallas, TX,Razzmajazz Dixieland Band knows how to put on a performance!

The talented musicians in our jazz group perform the unforgettable jazz tunes from the 1900s–1930s and add life to your events—no matter what your budget or venue.

Contact us for booking information by calling at (817)-233-4149.

Our Past Performances

Our New Orleans Traditional and Swing Jazz band has performed all over the North Texas and Metroplex Areas since 1984. Some of the many organizations we’ve worked with are:

  • St Alban’s Parish – Anglican
  • Junior League of Arlington
  • Plano Firefighters Assoc.
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Children’s Medical Center
  • Texas Rangers
  • Law Offices of Windle Turley
  • North American Society of First Responders
  • IBM
  • Park Suites Hotel
  • Denton Arts and Jazz Festival
  • Aerospace Optics
  • Worth Cattledrive Rest.
  • Case Power and Equipment
  • Brinker International
  • National Semiconductor
  • Richland Pointe Mall
  • Albertson’s Food Stores
  • Fielder Road Baptist Church
  • Mesquite Exchange Club
  • Walnut Creek Country Club
  • Anatole Hotel
  • Main Street Arts Festival – Fort Worth
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Mira Vista Country Club
  • Globe Life Park
  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Fort Worth Boat Club
  • Pecan Street Arts Festival – Arlington