Uniquely American, energetic, and wondrously off-beat, Swing Jazz has taken over the world over the past century. Swing Jazz offered a form of escapism to the American public—a way to forget about the war, enjoy a sense of freedom, and dance their worries away.

As one of North Texas’ leading Swing Jazz bands, the Razzmajazz Dixieland Band has had the honor of playing the high-energy tunes of Swing Jazz at several events. Whether it was at weddings or grand event openings, our music has engaged numerous crowds and brought countless people to their feet!

Swing Jazz primarily developed in the Swing Era—a time between 1933 and 1947—is known for its free-flowing rhythms, riffs, and melodic improvisation. It’s different from the various other jazz styles that have become popular over the years.

Here’s what puts Swing Jazz in a class of its own:

The instruments

The distinctive tunes of Swing Jazz music are upbeat, high-energy, and are bound to get you moving. Instruments play a vital role in creating the classic Swing Jazz sound that thousands have danced to in the past century.

Some of the common Swing Jazz instruments are keyboards, saxophones, drums, double bass, and trumpets. Each one contributes to the symphony of rhythmic sounds that set this style apart from the rest.

It’s music to dance to

As a style within the jazz musical genre, Swing Jazz developed through improvisation. When legends like Louis Armstrong experimented with the music to create unique, pleasant new sounds, it led to the birth of the style we now know and love.

Swing Jazz is characterized by more rhythm than the other styles, making it the perfect music to dance to. In fact, Swing dance styles were birthed owing to this high-energy music!

During the Great Depression, a time when low morale was prevalent, this up-beat music gave everyone a chance to dance their troubles away. The rhythmic tunes brought to the world dances such as the Charleston, Lindy Hop, Jive, the Jitterbug, and the Swing itself.

Listen to Swing Jazz today

Sit back, unwind, and lose yourself in the rhythmic harmonies of Swing Jazz with the Razzmajazz Dixieland Band. We’re a New Orleans Traditional and Swing Jazz band from North Texas and the Metroplex Areas.

As one of the best jazz musicians in the region, our repertoire of over 950 songs includes some of the classics from 1900 to 1940. Buy our CD to get a taste of our sound in the comfort of your home.

If you want to book our band for a high-energy performance, contact us for booking information.

Our Performances

In the 35 years that we’ve been performing, our band has provided lively entertainment at weddings, corporate events, intimate dinners, and grand openings. Some of the organizers of these events were:

  • Denton Arts and Jazz Festival
  • Texas Rangers
  • Fielder Road Baptist Church
  • Mesquite Exchange Club
  • Junior League of Arlington
  • Albertson’s Food Stores
  • Worth Cattledrive Rest.
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Children’s Medical Center
  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Mira Vista Country Club
  • Plano Firefighters Assoc.
  • Law Offices of Windle Turley
  • St Alban’s Parish – Anglican
  • Globe Life Park
  • Pecan Street Arts Festival – Arlington
  • North American Society of First Responders
  • Richland Pointe Mall
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Worth Cattledrive Rest.
  • Fort Worth Boat Club
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Case Power and Equipment
  • Park Suites Hotel
  • National Semiconductor
  • Main Street Arts Festival – Fort Worth
  • Walnut Creek Country Club
  • Aerospace Optics
  • IBM
  • Anatole Hotel
  • Brinker International