Whether you’re a connoisseur of jazz music or enjoy its lively tunes occasionally, there’s no denying that it’s a musical genre everyone can enjoy. The energetic music and lively tunes have been a vital part of American culture. Originating in the late 19th and early 20th century, jazz has grown over the past 100 or so years.

Razzmajazz Dixieland Band is a Swing and New Orleans Traditional Jazz band that’s been the choice of many event planners and organizers since 1984. We’ve performed our lively jazz renditions at countless corporate events and weddings, as well as Mardi Gras celebrations.

Our contributions to jazz music are added to the long, rich history of the genre. Let’s take a look at the social history of jazz:

Early beginnings

It’s said that jazz music is a truly American musical style—nothing can be truer than that. Jazz music didn’t just originate in America, New Orleans to be exact, it also embodies our country’s essence.

The Big Easy’s diverse population spawned the beginning of jazz music—it’s an amalgamation of European, American, and African cultures. While jazz was initially enjoyed as background music intended for dancing, its musical qualities were soon enjoyed on their own too

Jazz music is closely tied to the social history of the region, and the country in general. It originated as a social cause for the people who didn’t otherwise have a voice to express themselves. It became the voice of change—the high-energy tunes enabled people to dance and establish their freedom in ways that nothing else did.


Jazz music began its humble beginnings in New Orleansbut it quickly spread far and wide. The blend of improvisation and talent of the jazz greats became a countrywide phenomenon, the themes of jazz music resonated with people everywhere.

Jazz music gained widespread popularity when the musicians of the 1920s and 1930s traveled across the country to perform at various events. The Jazz Age in the 1920s was an event that greatly contributed to jazz’s popularity—it defined a decade of prosperity and change.

It’s no surprise that jazz music continues to be a vital part of American history, even to this day. Lively jazz music can be heard at festivals and events all over the world.

Razzmajazz Dixieland Band knows this better than anyone else. Our band has been putting on charismatic performances for jazz music lovers since 1984. We can customize our performance to your event’s requirements—whether it’s an intimate dinner, corporate conference, wedding reception, or grand opening.

If you want to hire our band to play New Orleans Traditional and Swing Jazz at your upcoming events, get in touch with us. We can customize the size of our band or wear themed ensembles to make your special events even better!

Find Out More About Our Performances

We’ve played our extensive repertoire of popular jazz songs all over North Texas since the past 3 decades. Some of the organizers of these events are:

  • Pecan Street Arts Festival – Arlington
  • Richland Pointe Mall
  • Junior League of Arlington
  • Mesquite Exchange Club
  • Worth Cattledrive Rest.
  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Law Offices of Windle Turley
  • Aerospace Optics
  • Plano Firefighters Assoc.
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Albertson’s Food Stores
  • Children’s Medical Center
  • St Alban’s Parish – Anglican
  • Globe Life Park
  • Fielder Road Baptist Church
  • Walnut Creek Country Club
  • National Semiconductor
  • Main Street Arts Festival – Fort Worth
  • Anatole Hotel
  • Case Power and Equipment
  • North American Society of First Responders
  • Fort Worth Boat Club
  • IBM
  • Brinker International
  • Texas Rangers
  • Mira Vista Country Club
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Denton Arts and Jazz Festival