Unwinding after a long, stressful day often involves sitting back and turning on your favorite music. The soothing intonations of the music seem to be washing away your worries and relaxing your muscles. The power of music in releasing stress has been studied extensively but how exactly does the brain react to music?

Razzmajazz Dixieland Band has provided music to people all over North Texas for over 34 years but that’s not all. As a Swing Jazz band, we understand the uplifting impact of our music on our audiences; not only are the guests at your event entertained, you’ll find them on their feet and dancing to our music. You can also unwind in the comfort of your home by playing one of our CDs and drown out your worries in lively jazz music.

While the connection between your mood and music is undeniable, how does it work?

Uplifting your mood

Music has a powerful effect on your brain. When you listen to something you like—or don’t like—your brain has a reaction to it. Whether it’s the inherent quality of the music itself or the memories associated with it, music can trigger happy or sad emotional responses.

By boosting your mood and reducing anxiety, energetic music like Swing Jazz and New Orleans Jazz can improve the state of your happiness.

It’s therapeutic

Several studies have been conducted to look into the neurological and psychological effects of music. Music therapy engages numerous parts of the brain—mostly ones involved with cognition, motivation, and emotion—to relieve certain symptoms.

These rehabilitative techniques enhance your functioning and improve the quality of life of people struggling with a number of physical and psychological ailments.

Improves your physical wellbeing

The positive impact of jazz music isn’t just limited to your mental wellbeing; it also helps your physical health. By calming your mind and relieving mental stressors, music can, in turn, improve your immune system functioning and contribute to your cardiovascular health.

The rhythmic melody of uplifting jazz music improves your memory, lowers blood pressure, and slows your heart rate as well by strengthening your brain’s neural networks.

Indulging in the experience of listening to jazz music transcends enjoyment, it can have greater positive implications for you. For these reasons, jazz music is a popular choice at weddings, intimate dinners, and corporate events.

We, at Razzmajazz Dixieland Jazz Band, have been providing upbeat, energetic music for the residents of North Texas and the Metroplex Areas since 1984. By performing Dixieland Jazz, Swing Jazz, and Traditional Jazz, we liven up any event we perform at but you can also enjoy our music when you’re on the go by buying our CDs.

Contact us to find out more information and delve into the world of jazz music.

About Our Past Performances

Our Traditional Jazz band services cater to people and organizations all over North Texas.

Some of the many organizations we have performed for are:

  • Six Flags Over Texas
  • Law Offices of Windle Turley
  • Denton Arts and Jazz Festival
  • North American Society of First Responders
  • Pecan Street Arts Festival – Arlington
  • Anatole Hotel
  • St Alban’s Parish – Anglican
  • Fort Worth Boat Club
  • Globe Life Park
  • Fielder Road Baptist Church
  • Plano Firefighters Assoc.
  • Children’s Medical Center
  • Main Street Arts Festival – Fort Worth
  • IBM
  • Brinker International
  • Junior League of Arlington
  • Walnut Creek Country Club
  • Dallas Museum of Art
  • Anheuser-Busch
  • Texas Rangers
  • Mesquite Exchange Club
  • Aerospace Optics
  • Ft. Worth Cattledrive Rest.
  • Albertson’s Food Stores
  • Richland Pointe Mall
  • Park Suites Hotel
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Case Power and Equipment
  • National Semiconductor
  • Mira Vista Country Club