For some, Jazz isn’t just a music genre. It’s a way of life. It’s a universal language that only the most gifted musicians can speak. It’s a language that doesn’t need any words. It’s a gift from God.

Without Jazz, we wouldn’t be able to explore the deepest corners of our soul. We wouldn’t be able to live life to the fullest. We would cease to exist.

At Razzmajazz Dixieland Band, Jazz is our life—our soul and heart. With that in mind, here’s why Jazz is so important to us:

It Speaks to Your Soul

One of the best things about Jazz is that it touches your soul. No matter what type of mood you’re in, there’s a Jazz song for every emotion.

Whether you’re sad or happy, there’s always a Jazz song you can listen to for solace.

There’s Etta Jones’ “Till There Was You” for when you want to convey your feelings to the person you love. There’s “Good Morning Heartache” by Billie Holiday for when you’re feeling low.

There are plenty of Jazz songs for lazy Sundays and Monday blues. Jazz is the one genre that’s passionate, delicate, exciting, and adventurous—all rolled into one.

It Takes the Stress Away


We’re so busy working most of the time that we don’t have time to stop and enjoy life. By the time we get home after a long day at work, we’re exhausted, frustrated, and ready to quit.

According to studies, Jazz is considered to be one of the most “stimulating” genres. It has the power to de-stress the mind. It has the power to change your mood.

If you’re feeling low, you can listen to Jazz to cheer you up. If you’re excited about something or need a dose of motivation, you can listen to Jazz for a boost.

Jazz plays a vital role in our lives and without it, we wouldn’t be complete.

If you’re getting into Jazz, make sure to add the Razzmajazz album to your list too!

We are a popular traditional Swing Jazz and Dixieland Jazz band from Dallas, TX.

We have been performing for more than 39 years and have performed clients such as:

  • Black Blonde Hair Salon & Coffee House
  • Bob’s Red Mill Foods
  • Canadian International Mining Conference
  • Dave Valee Real Estate
  • Dena’s Boutique
  • 100 Braid Street Art Studio
  • American Chamber of Commerce
  • Anvil Centre
  • BC Arts Council
  • Aldergrove Fair
  • Bowen Island Steamship Days Festival
  • Chemainus Jazz Festival
  • Feast of Fields

And many more!