If you’re a huge Disney fan, then you’ve probably watched all the Mickey Mouse cartoons from its earliest days. And if you recall, the early 1900s had limited technology to work with. And this also meant that voice acting wasn’t a concept back then.

So, how did animators connect with their audience and engage them?

Yes, that’s right—through music!

When you think of Jazz music, you envision parties, events, and weddings. But that’s not all there is to the beauty of Jazz. Did you know that it played a significant role in the early days of the cartoon industry?

We, at Razzmajazz Dixieland Band, are big fans of the use of Jazz in the early cartoon industry. Here’s why:

It Helped Create the Mood

One of the best things about Jazz music is that it’s a combination of intricate sounds and melodies. So, there’s always something unique and distinctive that you should expect.

And animators in the early days of the cartoon industry knew this. Jazz was perfect for creating the mood of every episode. Whether it was a sad scene, a dramatic one, or a romantic one, Jazz music would help convey the feelings of the characters.

The viewers would be able to understand what the characters were feeling, without any dialogues being exchanged. This Betty Boop animation is the perfect example of this.

It Provided Opportunities for Emerging Artists

It was the perfect way for emerging artists to spread their music. Just like how we use social media platforms and videos to express ourselves, it was the perfect opportunity for artists to express themselves creatively.

Famous Jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong were repeatedly featured in cartoons and this helped make them big household names back then.

It Engaged the Audience

Besides helping create the mood for the cartoons and shows, Jazz music would be used to grasp the viewer’s attention. This is because Jazz music has the incredible power to play with the senses and seduce listeners.

From upbeat, exuberant melodies, to sad, mellifluous tunes, Jazz could be used to highlight a wide range of emotions and behaviors. This made cartoons a fun pastime because it added an element of fun to the episodes. Depending on the characters and what the writers went for, Jazz could change and transform the storyline completely.

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