If you want to go a little extra with your party and want some classical music to match your taste, Mardi Gras jazz is what we’re thinking. We’ve performed at ceremonies and celebrations at places like Dallas Museum of Art, National Semiconductor, Fielder Road Baptist Church, Anheuser-Busch, Texas Rangers, Albertson’s Food Stores, and Richland Pointe Mall.

In the past 39 years that we’ve dedicated to this music and this career, we’ve seen more silver jubilee celebrations and wedding receptions than can be counted. This is how we know what should come to mind when you think of Mardi Gras and New Orleans.

Here are some of the best party ideas to make your 60th birthday or 15th wedding anniversary a winning party.

But let’s first clear out what Mardi Gras really is.

Mardi Gras

French for fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras is the day before the first of Lent. The 40 days of penance that follows are the reason why we see flamboyancy of the highest degree in this event. The idea of excess is what dictates how people eat, drink, dance and play music at the event. If you’re thinking: but what about gluttony? Don’t dampen your mood because of the calls of conscience. It’s not per say a custom of reveling in the seven deadly sins, it’s a compensation or preparation for the 40 days of abstinence that you’re expected to observe afterwards. Colors that are seen most during this carnival are loud purple, bright hues of green and yellow, and abundance of good. This is a time to indulge in all your controlled desires so that your soul is cleansed before the ritualistic practice that follows. This is why the music that we associate with Mardi Gras is also of unrestrained beauty and awe-striking vigor.

Colors of Life

Let’s be honest: a lot of us hide our weirdest fantasies because we’re expect to have sober tastes as we grow and evolve. But does that mean we let our fun time suffer because we’re too busy making appearances that suit conventional mindsets? No. If you have a thing for vibrant colors and want to go all out, do so by all means. Don’t worry about looking too gawdy because there’s nothing like too much in our dictionary! With the right music band playing at your event, all the colors and costumes will fall right into place and create the ambiance you always wanted.


When it comes to playing jazz music at any event, Razzmajazz Dixieland Band should be your choice of musicians. We’re a traditional jazz band which specializes in the original New Orleans music which is true to the spirit of Mardi Gras. Trad jazz with a touch of blues is what we’ll perform to keep your guests happy and swinging till the end of the night!