Trouble in paradise? Well, that’s not a problem. After all, every healthy relationship has its fair share of love quarrels. In fact, psychologists will tell you that arguments are good for your relationship!

However, if your partner is really mad at you, perhaps these songs recommendations can help you win some points.

So, without further ado, let’s get started, or as Duke Orsino once said, “if music be the food of love, play on…”

Etta Jones’ ‘Till There Was You’

This beautiful composition of ballad tempo by Jones, written for The Music Man will remind your partner of how much you love and cherish them. It’s a beautiful rendition to love and how nothing made sense before you found your one true love in your partner.

If this doesn’t melt their heart, we don’t know what will!

Dinah Washington’s ‘Cold, Cold Heart’

Speaking of melting cold heart’s Dinah Washington’s rendition of Cold, Cold Heart speaks to all forlorn and blue lovers! Although the song was originally performed by Hank Williams, the county music artist, Dinah Washington’s melodious voice gives this song a wretched and romantic expression that’ll be impossible for your partner to turn away from!

No matter how mad they are, this song is sure to thaw away any coldness they might hold against you!

Houston Person’s ‘My Romance’

Being at odds with your partner can be detrimental for both your love and sex life. So, if you’ve been in the doghouse for longer than you think you deserve, make sure you play the sexy ballad of Houston Person. The breathiness of the saxophone is sure to get yours and your partner’s libido going!

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s ‘The Nearness Of You’

While we’re on a roll, don’t forget to serenade your partner to the love child of musical legends Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong to keep your partner close to you and right in your arms! The beautiful record strikes all the right chords and is the perfect ending score for your night.

While all these musical marvels will make an unforgettable playlist, they will make an even bigger impact if you hired actual jazz players to serenade your partner on your behalf.

You’ve already planned to take your partner out on a fancy dinner, to win them over, so why leave any stone unturned? Hire our swing jazz band in Dallas, Fort Worth to make your partner swoon for you once again!