Jazz music has been gracing American music since the 1920s. And after Oscar-winning American movie, Lala Land (2016), ‘saved Jazz’, many people have grown an interest in the unique genre.

However, when it comes to musical communication and coordination, especially during the jamming sessions, there are still a lot of people don’t know about.

But that’s why we’re here! In fact, today we’ll talk about how real jazz musicians coordinate while jamming.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a Jamming Session?

In any musical genre a jam session brings together musicians who play around with their instruments and improvise tunes in hopes of creating new music. Most times the jam sessions include unrehearsed tunes being practiced, but sometimes musicians also cover already written songs to gain inspiration from the marvels that Jazz has to offer.

Types of Jam Sessions

There are two types of jam sessions; open and closed.

Open Jam Sessions

Open jam sessions are similar to open mic nights. Depending on where the jam session is being hosted, there may or may not be an entrance ticket. In open jam sessions, there’s usually a music director or coordinator of sorts who leads the show. This individual is responsible for how the jam session will turn out therefore he gets to decide who plays next.

Another thing to consider in open jam sessions is that they can also be classified based on the musical genre they’re focusing on. For instance, a jam session can be solely dedicated to an emphasis on rock, and then the players will have to jam in that certain style of music.

Closed or Privately Held Jam Sessions

While the name might suggest that they’re strictly non-inclusive, closed jam sessions are usually band practice sessions where the band members don’t want an outside party to disrupt their routine. Most closed jam sessions are held to find inspiration within the band.

However, it’s not always a band jam session. In fact, individual artists can choose to come together in a secluded space to jam. This helps them finesse their vocabulary and rhythm, which they can improve by providing valuable criticism to each other.

How to Coordinate?

Since jamming sessions are all about improvising tunes, if you’re having your first jazz jamming session start with a solid but easy rhythm. Legendary modal tunes like So What are easy to jam to and could be a good starting point for you and your friends.

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