Jazz is most commonly considered to be an abstract and contemplative genre, associated with a mellow mood. However, this is just one of the many moods jazz music helps you with! With several variations within this vast genre, songs performed by jazz bands such as Razzmajazz Dixieland Band can evoke a gamut of emotions and feeling.

Here are some examples of when jazz music affects your mood.

When You’re in High Spirits

If you’re happy and you know it, listen to jazz!

Studies have shown that jazz music stimulates the mind, increasing brain activity. As your frontal cortex receives stimuli and messages from the environment, it triggers an appropriate response by releasing specific chemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters. When you’re in a really cheerful mood, this results in the release of endorphins, which help foster these feelings of happiness.

Listening to jazz can further elevate your mood. Your brain tries to imitate the rhythmically improvisational patterns brought forth by jazz music, leading to greater hyperactive neural stimulation. The particular syntax of the notes in jazz are picked up by the brain’s receptors,

When You’re Feeling Lively  

Remember that feeling of elated optimism when your creative juices are flowing and you feel like you can do just about anything? When this happens, you have an energetic vibe about you which boosts your creativity as well as your productivity. This makes you a lot more efficient and enables greater creative input from your end, be it at work or during a personal task.

So, how does jazz music come into all of this? Well, research has shown that ambient noise such as that featured in jazz music improves your creative cognition and imagination. It promotes abstract thinking and processing, enabling you to think out of the box. Not just that but studies have also shown the effects of jazz on memory and recall. As a result, during this particularly energetic and optimistic mood of yours, listening to jazz music helps you come up with new and innovative ideas which may or may not be based on past experiences or knowledge.

When You’re In the Mood for Romance

Nothing says romance like good old jazz! There’s just something about those smooth and soothing notes that evoke feelings of affection and passion, especially when you’re listening to them with somebody you love!

Want to set the mood for a long drive or a romantic evening out with your partner? Jazz is your go-to genre! The ubiquitous notes of the saxophone and the melody generated through the banjo will have you and your partner falling in love all over again. Whether you prefer Dixieland jazz or are more inclined towards swing jazz, the genre is bound to get you in a romantic mood!

Nothing beats the experience of listening to jazz music live, performed by professional musicians. Whether you’re making arrangements for a special date night, or want to celebrate a success, our live performances are just what you need!

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