Music is a language of its own. It consists of the melody, composition, and lyrics that work together. There are many genres of music and every music lover leans toward a particular genre more than others. There will always be debates about which genre is better than others. One popular argument is about Jazz and Modern Pop music.

Well, we’re not here to tell you what’s better; that’s for you to decide. We’ll be discussing the aspects of Jazz music that differ from Modern Pop:

Jazz can be performed live without any compromise on quality

There’s nothing like a live version of your favorite song! You know the excitement you feel when you have tickets to see your favorite pop artist? Unfortunately, most live performances don’t sound like the original. We’re not talking about slight melody changes here and there, we’re talking about how pitchy popular artists sound at a live performance. The reason for this is the amount of electronic music used as well as layers of voices that can’t be achieved in a live performance.

Jazz music, on the other hand, is all about the simplicity of the arrangement. Fewer instruments are used to create music, which makes live performances that much better to listen to. You get the same smooth melody and vocals every time!

Jazz has a very rich history

If you know the history of jazz, you know that it was formed out of hardships. It originated from the African American community in New Orleans. New Orleans, being a popular port, welcomes most of the ‘slaves’ of the time. The African American community here began to develop this genre of music to reflect the hardships they faced. Jazz music is still being kept alive by bands like ours. The fact that jazz has been formed out of such a rich history gives it so much more meaning!

It can be performed completely acoustic


There’s nothing quite like the raw sound of vocals and acoustic instruments. Pulling off an acoustic set perfectly requires a lot of skill. Any mistakes in the melody or vocals can be immediately picked up. Jazz musicians have years of experience that helps them deliver the music perfectly every single time.

The other benefit of an acoustic band like ours is that we can set up anywhere! That’s right! No power outlets needed. Just sit back and enjoy the songs of the golden era!

If you’re looking to book jazz musicians for your event, get in touch with us. We provide entertainment for all events. We perform Ragtime, Dixieland Jazz and Swing. Our band also greets guests to set the tone for the evening. Check out our music online. Contact us at (817)-233-4149 for more information.