Organizing events is all about making the most of a day with friends and family. Everyone gets together, catches up on life, enjoys a drink—or three—and eats some delectable food.

The cherry on top of such get-togethers is if you have live music! Music brings a crowd together and livens up a room. Jazz music, in particular, is an evergreen favorite that people of all ages can enjoy.

Here are some occasions and events where jazz music can really spruce up:


Raising funds to support a cause can be done in many ways. You can organize a ball in your town, have a concert, sponsor a walk, etc.

If you want to have a fun-filled, musical themed fundraiser, book the Dixieland Jazz Band as the star of the show. Those attending the event will love what our band has to offer!

You could even have some street food vendors at the event to make it seem like a festival. Guests will love swaying their feet to the music.


Weddings are a celebration of love, and who better to celebrate with than your nearest and dearest? If you want to have the time of your lives at your wedding reception, you need to book a Jazz band.

We provide music that will bring you to the dance floor, where you can dance the night away! We also provide background music to keep the evening lively during dinner and other parts of the reception.


champagne bottle in ice

A special anniversary needs to be celebrated in style! Have all your family and friends invited for a night that celebrates your magnificent journey with your partner. We’ve been part of many silver and golden wedding anniversaries over the years and it’s really something special! We play the best romantic jazz music from the golden eras that will remind you of your youth.

A big birthday party

While every birthday should be celebrated to the fullest, you know that milestone birthdays require extra effort. Plan a big birthday bash for your friend or family member to show them they are loved and cherished. All you need is to plan a bit in advance so that you can book a venue, catering and a live band. A jazz band will provide the entertainment you need for the evening.

If you’re looking for a live jazz band in Dallas to inject some life into your event, book Razzmajazz Dixieland Band. We provide live entertainment and even greet guests to set the tone for the evening.  Check out our music online.