Music and romance have always been intimately intertwined (no pun intended). One of the reasons for this is because research has proven time and again that music has the ability to evoke strong emotions.

Though the kind of music you enjoy most is a matter of personal preference, there are some genres that are better suited to romance than others. You wouldn’t dedicate ‘Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’ (a heavy metal hit by a band called Drowning Pool) or ‘Somebody’s Got to Die’ (a 2Pac and Biggie Smalls collaboration track) as a gesture of love!

Jazz Music, Romance, and the Perfect Date

Have you ever heard traditional jazz? Styles like swing, ragtime, and even Dixieland. If you haven’t, maybe listen to some right now. One thing you will notice is how soft and soothing these styles are. As a live jazz band, we have played at romantic evenings, weddings, engagement parties, and other such emotional occasions.

If you’re wondering what it is about original jazz that makes it the ideal choice of music for a date or a romantic afternoon, day or evening out with your special someone, we’ll tell you!

It is Relaxing

Let’s face it. Though dates can be extremely fun and exciting, it is not out of the ordinary for one or both people involved to feel a little nervous. You might be anxious about how the date will go. Shy when it comes to talking to your special someone or simply at a loss of what to do because the fact that they agreed to go out with you was such a surprise!

In any case, jazz music, particularly original jazz is known to relax us and help us unwind. If the wine doesn’t help you loosen up, trust us, the jazz will.

You Can Communicate with It

woman smiling

It may be too much to tell someone that they mean the world to you and that seeing them makes your heart skip a beat every time in so many words. Of course, if you dedicate them a song that says just that, the sentiment becomes a lot more palatable.

There are hundreds of jazz songs about love; lovers, romance and devotion that you could dedicate to the person you’re into.

It Sets the Ambiance

 Dixieland jazz band

A psychological report states that people are more susceptible to pickup lines if there’s the right music playing in the background! The thing about jazz music is that it is perfect when it comes to setting an atmosphere conducive to love, romance and affection.

It is not loud, aggressive or intrusive. It does not overwhelm the environment; rather, it contributes to the same. If you’ve got the dim lights or candles, the good food and a heart bursting with affection, bringing in the jazz music will make the overall environment perfect!

You Can Move to It

Say your date is going extremely well. Say it’s all gone as you planned it. Maybe you feel the urge to get up and move a little. Dance with your date. Sway a little. Well, guess what?  Jazz music is ideal for that too. You have numbers you can fast step to and others that you can slow dance away.

Jazz doesn’t just set the stage for you; it facilitates your romantic activity!

Winding Down

In conclusion, we’ll say this. There are many genres and musical styles conducive to romance, but jazz is most certainly one of the best! If you’re planning a surprise romantic evening for a special someone, if you’re looking to propose or if you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, hire a jazz band! That way, you’ll really bring the romance! If you want to hire the Razzmajazz Dixieland Band (that’s us), for your special occasion, call on (817)-233-4149 or connect with us using the link above.