Those of us who have made it through our teenage years can agree to one thing for the most part. That’s one hell of a milestone to cross. You have mood swings; you become infatuated with activities, celebrities, and people in school. You may develop problems with authority or a strange aversion to people. It’s a time of change both external and internal, and, one that can sometimes be daunting, to say the least!

Before we were a live jazz band playing everything from swing to Dixieland and ragtime, we were teens trying to make sense of the world!

Listening to Jazz Music in Your Teenage Years

There are people who associate jazz music with an older possibly more serious crowd. Though this association may not be entirely misplaced, jazz is by no means a genre restricted by age. It’s music and good music at that!

A lot of young people who play instruments learn to develop an appreciation for jazz. They understand the ingenuity, skill and hard work that goes into composing and playing such standards.

What about the rest of us though? Those of us who aren’t aspiring musicians. Those of us who are confused about what we want to aspire to, to begin with! Why should we listen to jazz?

It Can Help you Relax and Focus

As teens, there are two things we all really need to do. One is to chill out when we have the time— to not stress and worry but to relax. The other is to concentrate and focus when we need to whether on work from school or anything else.

Jazz music helps you relax as well as focus. Both things have been scientifically proven. Put on some jazz if you want to avoid a tiff with your parents or younger siblings. Put on some jazz if you need to work on some tricky math riddles. It works both ways!

It’s Brain Food

Our teenage years are a time when among other things, our minds are developing intellectually and emotionally. Research has proven that jazz music is the most stimulating musical genre around. It boosts creativity, helps with the development of neurological pathways and improves processes relating to logic among other things.

We’re not kidding. Listening to a bit of jazz in your teenage years helps you get smart!

It’s Healthy Activity

One of the things we struggle with when we’re teenagers is finding things to do. Where many of us find healthy and productive ways to pass our time, some of us end up veering towards less desirable activities. This could include anything from vandalism and bullying to drug use and other activities that may cause harm to the self and to those around.

Jazz is a vast and rich genre that can make for a healthy hobby. You can listen to the different standards out there, read about jazz greats and their lives for inspiration and actually become an authority on something that matters. Making jazz music an interest could be a good way to keep that teenage mind occupied.

It Might Just Give You an Outlet

boy playing saxophone

Sometimes, we listen to music and think; ‘hey, why can’t I play that’. That’s how many of us in the Razzmajazz Dixieland Band became musicians. The thing is music is a language. It is a form of expression. It is a way to channel your energy.

You know all the anger, irritation and angst you feel as a teenager. If you’re lucky, learning to play a jazz instrument could actually give you an outlet for your emotions. A healthy one at that!

In Conclusion

We’ve given you enough reasons to get out there and listen to some sweet jazz music. We’re sure house, rap, rock n roll, and other genres are great but if you’ve not heard some jazz, you ain’t heard nothing at all! Of course, if you really want to experience the thrill of jazz music being played live, call us on (817)-233-4149 or email us at info@razzmajazz.com!