As a live original or traditional jazz band based in Dallas, TX that plays across the US, we’ve covered all kinds of events and occasions. People across the country have enjoyed us serenading them to swing, helping them step to ragtime and cutting loose to some good ol’ Dixieland!

Among the many momentous occasions we have performed and entertained at, we find retirement parties particularly enjoyable!

Retirement Parties and Jazz: Why they Click so Well

If you’re planning a retirement party, you probably won’t hire a jazz band just because the musicians enjoy it! You might be wondering how a jazz band can add to your little retirement bash. Allow us to elaborate!

Age Appropriate

People don’t retire in their teens. They don’t retire in their early twenties and unless you’re a billionaire who has made it or an athlete, even your thirties are too young. When you talk retirement, we’re thinking between the ages of 55 and 70 depending on what career path you follow.

Though there will probably be younger guests too, we’re quite certain you won’t want to play something like Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd or Bat Outta Hell by Meatloaf! Original jazz is just the kind of music that’s perfectly age appropriate for your guests.

Enjoying the Feels

We already know that music has the ability enhance emotion. Research tells us this much. Retirement can be quite an emotional milestone in life. There may be people who want to toast your tenure, those who want to express what you meant to them, individuals you have mentored who want to wish you well.

Traditional jazz just adds to the ambiance making the atmosphere one which is conducive to an emotional toast or three!

Mellow and Melodious

The best thing about having jazz music at your retirement party is that you’re catering to any possible situation. Where on one hand, original jazz is the kind of music you can have playing while you chat, dine and drink, it is also the kind you can move to if you or your guests feel like it.

There are upbeat standards that help raise energy and ambient compositions that simply add to whatever you have going on. This versatility is what makes jazz music a great choice for your retirement party.

Winding Down

If you’ve come to a point in your career where you have accomplished a lot, made your mark and feel it is now time to pass the torch on to others, jazz music would be a great choice for that retirement bash. Feel free to check out some of the music we play to get a clearer idea of what we’re offering or get in touch with us for more information. In any case, happy retirement!