Even though it has been scientifically proven that jazz music offers immense benefits both physical and psychological, it is still not a genre all young people can relate to. There have been numerous occasions where youngsters have taken an avid interest in the music we play. Our live jazz band has been approached by teenagers and those in their twenties and early thirties who have expressed an interest in Dixieland, swing, ragtime and other original jazz styles.

It Takes a Certain Type of Young Person

Something we have noticed is, that there are certain young people who are more inclined to take and develop an interest in jazz music. We’re going to go over the kind of youngsters that we, in our experience, have seen harbor a love for jazz more often than not.

The Music Aficionado

When it comes to millennials, there are many who have developed a deep appreciation for music of all sorts. Such individuals know their pop music as well as their classics. They can discuss genres and artists. They have listened to enough to comment on musical compositions critically. Though not experts, such young people are authorities on music in their own right.

Most young people who truly love and understand music are also interested in jazz. Though the degree to how much jazz they listen to and the style of jazz they enjoy may vary, jazz is very much an integral part of their musical taste or repertoire.

The Musician

person writing musical notes

It’s one thing to know your music and harmonies and another thing to play and compose yourself. A lot of young musicians belonging to the millennial generation are heavily into jazz. Where some use it as inspiration and dedicate their own efforts to become jazz musicians, others simply use it as a standard to go by and study.

In any case, we find many musicians express an interest in jazz, traditional and otherwise.

The Tasteful Youngster

Have you ever met young people who seem to blend in with individuals twenty and thirty years older just as well as they do with those their own age? The sort that may enjoy single malt and golf whilst their peers make do with cold beer and the pool? The little ladies and gentlemen of finesse if you will!

We have often found such young people among other fine things to have a serious appreciation for good jazz. More specifically, it is traditional jazz that we have found such folk to veer towards the most!

The Intellectual

Finally, there are those young people who are blessed by way of intelligence; those that see patterns and make connections where others may not. Those that take an interest in everything of worth be it philosophy, history or good music. Such individuals often have an appreciation for jazz music.

For them, it is the complexity and the deconstructive nature of a lot of jazz music as well as its ability to stimulate the mind that is a point of attraction. Though such folk do have a love for traditional jazz, they have as much of an appreciation for fusion and other modern jazz forms.

In Conclusion

Dixieland jazz band

If you’re a young person and this blog has got you curious check out some original jazz and see how you feel. You might just realize you like it and hire us for your next party or event!