Weddings are no bogus institution and are still hot in the US today! Where there are studies that talk about drops in the number of couples getting married, the reduction is hardly a dent in overall numbers.

Our live jazz band has performed at hundreds of weddings over the years and we know a thing or two about how weddings work personally and also as professionals. If you’re one of the lucky many who will be tying the knot this year, wedding planning is probably already in full swing.

Planning That Wedding and the Role of Music and Bands

When it comes to wedding planning, one article published by the Knot, an online magazine focusing on weddings and all things related elaborates on wedding planning. The article shares tips and states that ten percent of your total wedding costs should be dedicated to your musical arrangements.  

Needless to say, music probably makes up an important part of your wedding, but how? What exactly does a wedding band do for you on your big day?

Sets the Mood

The music playing at your wedding (on any other space) contributes to the ambiance. Speaking simply, it influences how those entering the space will feel within it. Music can be quite influential when it comes to how people are feeling.

The first thing a live band does is add to your space. The music playing is what helps settle in your guests and gently set the tone for the rest of the evening!

Enhances Emotions

 wedding celebration

Have you ever noticed how certain songs make us smile or how hearing a sad song on an emotional day can bring us to tears in minutes? This happens because music has the power to enhance the emotions we may be feeling at any given time.

A wedding band makes moments of fun and frolic louder and lighter. They make those special romantic moments like the first dance or first kiss even more intense and impactful. They help with the bitter sweet feeling many family members feel when the couple is driving off after the wedding.

All in all, a wedding band will help emotionally charge that wedding in the best possible way.

Keeps Everyone Entertained

Finally, a wedding band will make sure that you and your guests are kept entertained throughout your special day. If things get too slow, a wedding band can help you liven things up. If things get a little too crazy, you can even ask the band to play something more mellow to take the edge off.

Even when you’re busy hopping tables and greeting guests, your wedding band will be present to entertain those who you have already met as well as those waiting to congratulate you.

In Conclusion

 Razzmajazz wedding band

A wedding without music would probably be dull and boring. Chances are your guests would leave sooner. You could say a wedding sans a wedding band is like a bar without the barman or alcohol!

In any case, your wedding band will help set the mood, add to the emotional element (in a good way) and keep your guests and you happy and entertained.

If you’re looking to hire a band for your wedding, particularly one that specializes in traditional jazz styles like swing, ragtime and Dixieland, feel free to check out our stuff! In any case, all the best!