You’ve carefully chosen the theme, décor, venue, bridesmaid’s dresses, etc. Every aspect of your big day is important. It has to be perfect.

This applies to the entertainment you choose for your big day as well; it’s a fundamental part of the planning process. The live band you hire should make the night memorable for you and fun for your guests. Which is why an acoustic jazz band is always a good option for a wedding.

Here are some reasons why we’re the best:

Wedding theme at sea beach


Our jazz group can perform at any venue in Dallas, TX. Often, there are many venue-based restrictions that bands can’t deal with. These include reservations about big instruments, amps, and other electrical equipment being used at their venue.

With an unplugged band like ours, you don’t need to worry about power sources. We can perform indoors and outdoors. Whether you want us to perform in an intimate hall or a countryside barn, we have the right music for the feel you want to achieve.

We take up less space

Electrical instruments often require a whole setup of their own. The keyboard needs a stand while the guitarists and bassists require amps. Such equipment takes up a lot of space. It also means the band is restricted to a certain area. Our unplugged band is fully mobile. We don’t take up much space and can interact with the guests to make your big day fantastic.

So whether you want us on center stage or in the background, we can easily set up and prepare to set the dance floor ablaze!

Vintage sound

Having a live band at your wedding is an added source of entertainment. Our band members are particularly good at interacting with the audience and engaging them with our performances.

Those who are passionate about music will particularly enjoy the raw vocals and instruments. It has completely different acoustics to pre-recorded sounds.

Bespoke performance

No two live band performances will be the same. Bands that have been performing for many years improvise on classic tunes and add their own spin to them. Jazz is particularly known for this kind of improvisation.

Recorded songs won’t have that bespoke quality. A live band encompasses a raw and vintage character which has its own charm. There’s something special about having a uniformed band playing live at your wedding.

No matter what the occasion, we’re here to keep the audience entertained. Book Razzmajazz Dixieland Band for your next big event! We perform various styles of jazz live including Dixielandtraditional jazz, Ragtime, and Swing. Contact us at (877) 218-1148 for more information.