Jazz to us and others who can appreciate it is probably one of the most beautiful, not to mention, expansive musical genres to ever exist. Though sources say it was born between late 1800s and early 1900s, jazz music gained momentum and exploded in the 1920s.

Our band specializes in playing original or traditional jazz like Dixieland, ragtime and swing; the same kind of jazz that was played back in the Golden Years. We’ve entertained at carnivals, corporate events, parties, weddings, you name it and often get asked about what jazz means to us.

Jazz and What it Represents

There may be many who see jazz as a respect-worthy musical genre and though that is exactly what it may be, we feel there’s more to it. We feel jazz represents things that may extend beyond melody, notes and tunes.

Jazz Represents Teamwork and Skill

Razzmajazz band

Let us start with the more obvious. One of the reasons jazz musicians are respected across the musical community is because people know playing jazz is no easy feat. Learning how to play jazz instruments, understanding how jazz harmonies work and adjusting your pace to others you jam with takes time and patience.

It is only once you achieve a certain level of prowess that you can actually proceed to play jazz music with a band. Bearing all this in mind, we feel jazz music represents a culmination of teamwork and musical skill as well as experience. The music speaks for the skills and talents of those playing it.

Jazz Represents Emotion

Jazz music ebbs and flows, harmonies can go through highs before they drop, and a single composition can consist of an assortment of melodies at different paces.

As musicians, we have channeled happiness, anger, grief, love, confusion, and a whole lot of other emotions over the years. Even listening to different jazz compositions can evoke different feelings. In a sense, one of the things reflected and represented by jazz music is human emotion. This is at least what we feel.

Jazz Represents History and Culture

Finally, jazz and American history goes hand in hand. Whether it is the story of how jazz came to be, the close relationship between jazz musicians and the film industry or jazz music’s association with the roaring twenties, it’s all history!

When you hear certain tunes play, it’s a lot like being thrown back to a time when there was luxury, abundance, fun and frolic. At the same time, jazz also tells tales of struggle and hardship. Further, jazz music is deeply integrated in our local culture.

Jazz compositions, particularly those composed in older forms of jazz can be history within themselves!

In Conclusion

As we said earlier, jazz music is a lot more than just music to us. It represents skills, teamwork, emotion and American history! That’s kind of what makes it one of the most brilliant forms of music one could possibly listen to.

Feel free to check out some of the music we play or give us a shout if you’re looking for a jazz band that plays live. Have a good one folks!