Corporate events are a great way to boost employee morale. They get a fantastic night out where they can have a great time and mingle with their colleagues. On top of that, your company gets some good press coverage which helps sales.

A launch party is an excellent idea when your company is introducing a new product or service. It’s a way to celebrate a milestone while being inclusive of the entire workforce.

If you’re in charge of organizing the big launch, don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Keep the speeches short

A party is about good company, fine wine, and music. Most people attending the party won’t be interested in what the upper management has to say. Speeches are an important part of the night, however. It’s a way of acknowledging the team behind the product’s success.

Create a video which can be played at the launch. It should be engaging and quick. Have the products positioned around the party venue so that attendees can try them out as they please.

Pick a theme

Parties don’t always have to have a theme, but having your party planned loosely around a theme can make it really cohesive. It makes the whole event a lot more interesting and exciting for those attending. The theme could be a color, something relating to the product, an era, etc. This can be the basis for the décor, and goodie bags at the party too.


Food and drinks are probably the most important aspects of a party. After a while, everyone feels peckish. For the best first impression, have a selection of food that the audience will love. And if the party is formal, make sure the food and drinks you serve reflect the mood.

Make sure that there’s ample food and drink at the party. Running out of food will reflect very poorly on the company.

If you’re not looking to have a sit-down multiple-course dinner, have canapés for the guest to enjoy with their wine or cocktails.



The entertainment you book for the night will make the event a success! No one likes a boring party without any entertainment. Book a jazz group in Dallas, TX! Live bands like ours liven up a party. Our performances will warm the crowd and get everyone’s feet pumping. Our band members know how to keep an audience engaged.

You can keep the entertainment plan for the night a surprise for all. Even keep the plan under wraps from the employees. They will surely be surprised and excited to see us perform!


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