Exposing children to different forms of music is known to be beneficial for a child’s development. The younger a person, the quicker they can pick up on music. New languages, musical genres and vocal lessons are best when a child is young. They get more time to experience the music absorb new information like a sponge.

Parents these days are perhaps eager to know which genre is ‘correct’ for their child. This decision will differ from person to person. However, whatever music your child ends up growing up with, they will most likely become fond of it.

What are the benefits of music for children?

The formative years of a child is all about learning from its environment. This is one of the reasons why pre-schools heavily involve practical learning methods for children. They are taught shapes, sounds, and other things in an informal way.

The best learning happens when children are playing. Research shows that they retain the information learned through play since they can easily focus on the task at hand.

Playing music while the child is busy in play is the perfect way to introduce them to music. Toddlers begin to develop musical tendencies and improve their coordination though dancing.  They will also begin to sing since the tunes are developing in their inner ear. Rhythms help them count and keep time too.

Introducing jazz music to your kids will give them a head start in their journey to learn music. They will begin to become familiar with the note pattern, instruments, and feel of the genre.

Jazz improvisation

music record player

Jazz is one of the genres that highly appreciate improvisation. You can find many renditions of classic jazz tunes. Each has their own qualities that the audience loves. Exposing your child to different renditions of the same tunes can help develop their musical knowledge. Their experience with music will be enriched.

What about rock and roll

Though the genre is great to listen to, rock and roll is a genre of music that has died out. No recent rock and roll numbers have hit the charts in a long time. Even the rock and roll dance is no longer a thing. Rock and roll as a countercultural force is over.

Society and culture have seen such a massive change with the dawn of social media that some things just got left behind. Popular bands like U2 are struggling to sell their albums, where they once were the musical giants of the decade.

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