Jazz music is the perfect way to get in touch with your emotions. With the busy and fast-paced lives we live, we often don’t get the time to realize everything we’re feeling. Weekends are the perfect time to unwind and reflect on your life and its meaning.

The right kind of music can enhance your emotions. Instead of filling up your weekend with noisy clubbing, take some time out to get in touch with yourself. We’ve got a list of slow jazz songs to help you get through those lonely Sundays.

Cry me a river

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” This song portrays this saying well. Based on a woman finding out about her partner’s affair, this song describes the emotions she goes through. She holds her own and doesn’t forgive him or take him back after all the pain he has caused.

The song was made popular by Julie London. Many famous singers/actors like Barbra Streisand, Michael Buble, Olivia Newton-John, and others have created covers of this song. ‘Cry me a river’ has also been translated into languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Finnish.

The song is perfect for someone dealing with heart break. It’s a good reminder to stay strong and not let someone tread all over you again.

Stormy Monday

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Written by T-Bone Walker in the 40s, this song is one of the most popular jazz numbers out there. The origins of this song are still pretty unclear. Musical legends like B.B.King, Clarence Brown, and Albert King have stated that this song was their inspiration to get into the music industry, and look where they are now!

Black Coffee

Recorded by Ella Fitzgerald in the 60s, this soulful rendition of the song gained much attention. Popular for its simplicity, this cover of the song only required a bass-y piano which is pretty rare these days.

The smooth vocals of Ella depict the boost of caffeine you need to stay up late waiting for your man. Like most of us, this song is mostly about hating long Mondays, making it the perfect Sunday anthem.


This album by the talented George Benson went platinum and won many awards in 1976. The song incorporated light guitar and strings sounds that allowed his vocals to shine. This track became a hallmark piece for the artist who went on to pursue a career in pop music.

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