Jazz has been making waves since the 1800s. This genre not only has a rich history which is inclusive of many cultures, but it’s also well loved by many. This genre continues to grow and gain momentum. Jazz music today includes a wide variety of playing styles and many renowned musicians.

Here are some of the most popular jazz styles out there:

Trad jazz

As a live band playing for over 3 decades for events, weddings, and marching bands, the number one change we’ve noticed is our audience. A decade ago, our audience was mainly made up of X-geners and boomers, but now an increasing number of millennials have taken to jazz too.

When jazz first began, it was all about small bands creating music in New Orleans. Brass bands were booked for parties to liven up the events and make them memorable for attendees. Traditional or classic jazz involves a saxophone, clarinet, tuba, trombone, guitar, bass, and drums. Musical arrangements varied from performance to performance which gave rise to improv in jazz.


Trumpets on grass

Ragtime too is an older form of jazz. This genre of jazz was most popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The genre was created by musicians of the Afro-American communities who have a passion for music and were naturally gifted.

This style of music was soon popular all over the world; many musicians today were influenced by this style.

Ragtime when performed live sets the mood for the event. It’s popular at farewells, Mardi Gras and weddings.


The 1930s was the period where swing boomed. This jazz style was robust and invigorating. This dance style jazz soon became the music of choice among young couples across America. Not only did people connect with the music, it was also a great pick-me-up.

Swing gave musicians the change to improvise more than ever before. Each instrument was given the chance to shine. Swing jazz slightly moved away from the traditional jazz feel with the incorporation of thematic solos. The oh-so-famous Jitterbug was invented which had young couples all over Europe and America dancing away.


Dixieland or Hot Jazz incorporates string instruments to create high-energy compositions. This genre of music has seen much revival in recent years. Popular for wedding receptions and parties, a Dixieland band can surely get the feet pumping of an audience.

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