Birthday parties are quite intimidating to plan. Whether you’re celebrating the “big 4-0” or like going big every year, you want the party to be the talk of the town!

The food, cake, décor, invitations, and music are the focal points of any party. Guests want to be entertained, wined and dined.

Hiring a band for an event or occasion is an excellent idea for entertainment. They keep guests engaged and interact with the crowd too. Whether you’ve hired a band for background music or want a full blow performance, here are some things to prepare before they arrive:

Decide the space

Every element of your party should be well mapped out. You should know where the table with the cake is going to be placed, where will the food be laid out, where the dance floor will be set—but most importantly, where the jazz band you’ve hired be positioned.

Bands require an area of their own. They need to set up their equipment and settle in before the party begins. Make sure you give them ample space to perform for your party.

Electrical sockets

Electrical sockets are needed by bands to plug in their electronic keyboards and amplifiers for the best sound. Make sure you have some arrangements made to facilitate the band. Invest in extension boards and adapters, just in case.

If you’ve specifically asked for an acoustic or unplugged performance, then you don’t have to worry about the electrical sockets.

Venue and their restrictions

Before signing off on a venue for your big party, make sure you find out if they have any noise restrictions of any kind. Some venues don’t allow bands to perform because of the noise pollution and weighty instruments.

Song selection

art band blur image

The songs to be performed are one of the most important aspects of hiring a band. You wouldn’t want a band to leave without performing your favorite songs, right? Make sure you run through the lineup of songs with the band well in advance.

Some great tracks could be:

  • Tiger Rag
  • Muskrat Rumble
  • Basin Street Blues
  • That’s a Plenty
  • Singin’ the Blues
  • Baby Won’t You Please

If you have any special requests, make sure you tell them many weeks in advance. It takes many sessions of practice for a band to get your song right and do it justice.

Explain the kind of vibe you are going for with the band and they will suggest some musical arrangements for your big party too.

Make sure to look up the band’s performances just so that you know what you are signing up for.

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