Jazz first began in New Orleans in the beginning of the 20th century. It is one of the most respected genres and is well appreciated by music aficionados. From original jazz to more contemporary compositions, there’s something for everyone.

New Orleans was seen as and is still seen as the melting pot of cultures since it’s a major port city of the United States. Musicians from all over the world come together and have helped shape jazz for what it is today.

Yet there are many myths around this genre, whether it is about the genre itself, its history, or how to improvise on it.

Jazz is repetitive

One of the most commonly heard myth about jazz is that it’s repetitive. Individuals who haven’t invested their time in listening to jazz assume that there aren’t that many variations when it comes to composition. The reality is quite different!

Jazz is the most known for its ability to be improvised. There’s always a new jazz composition. Some musician is always working on a piece to give the classic tune a different feel.

Jazz is for seniors and is an ‘old’ genre

suited man holding Saxophone

Photo by Gavin Whitner

This generalization about the genre is quite widely accepted by people who are unwilling to experience new music. This assumption leads many to believe that older people only enjoy slow-paced music. Many older adults enjoy upbeat music and the latest releases.

Jazz will never be boring. It’s only boring for people who aren’t branching out into the different variety of sounds this genre has to offer. Jazz bands are well loved at formal events. They liven up the atmosphere and make you want to pick up a partner and start dancing.

Keep an open mind when it comes to jazz. Delve into the music of new and upcoming artists. Many of them have their own compositions which you can buy easily. It’s an excellent way to add different variations to the classics and enjoy some new tunes while promoting local artists.

You need to be an expert in the genre to improvise

To get the traditional jazz feel, learning about the genre is very important. There’s a lot of theory involved which is based on the scales, patterns, and licks. Artists feel compelled to stick to the theories till they reach the ‘expert’ level for them to improvise.

The truth is you’re never too young in the industry to improvise and put your spin on a tune. This adds creativity to your music and sets you apart from other musicians.

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