Easter’s a holiday that’s often forgotten. And while many people believe it’s a holiday for spending quality time in the gentle spring sun with family, that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out and throw a party for this important occasion.

Easter egg hunts are the norm among children, but what about the adults?

This year, why not throw a fun Easter party that’s entertaining for everyone? You’re just in time to get all the arrangements done too!

Here are some Easter Celebration ideas for you:

Good old fashioned pot luck

Flags wind party

A traditional pot luck is an easy way to throw an Easter party. Get all the guests to bring a dish of their choice. Not only do you get a wide variety of food to indulge in, but it also takes the pressure off the party organizer. It’s an ideal way of having a great time and sharing the costs.

You can have a canapé pot luck too. Ask your guests to bring in finger food. Guests can enjoy these one-bite snacks with cocktails, punch, beer, wines, or other drinks. For décor, keep the colors light. Pastels are always a favorite for Easter time. Play some lively music to really get into the groove of things.

Spring Barbeque

Easter is an excellent excuse to celebrate spring in all its glory. The temperatures are warmer; you and your guests can finally spend time in the garden preparing some delectable barbequed food.

Have some tables and chairs set up in the garden. Put up some lights for those who want to stay till the evening. And since this party will be held outdoors, you can have a scavenger hunt for the adults. Make two or three teams and hand out a list of items they need to find around the garden. You could choose small liquor bottles, snacks, or whatever you see fit.

Jazz-themed party

Having a theme for a party always makes it so much more exciting. If you and your friends and family share a love for all things jazz, throw a jazz-themed party. Guests could come dressed as their favorite jazz artists, and the décor of the party could be jazz-themed.

To top it all off, hire a live jazz band to take your party to the next level. Our band is known all over Dallas for our lively performances. We keep the audience engaged and interact with them too. You don’t have to worry about the space; our unplugged jazz band can perform anywhere!

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