We, the RazzMaJazz Dixieland Band have been in the live music business for a while and we’re happy to say that live music is making a comeback in a big way. One article published by the Time Magazine actually elaborates on how important it is check out live music and to be able to have the performer audience experience it offers.

You might be someone who is organizing a personal or official event and live music might be one of the things on your wish list. If that is the case, you’ll probably need to find and work with a live band.

3 Things You Never Do When Working with a Live Band

In our time as musicians and performers, we have worked with all sorts. Where some of our clients have been absolute pleasures to work with, there have been some challenges and less than ideal experiences we have faced from time to time.

We felt we’d share some of these with you so that you can work with the band you hire even better! Here are three things you never do when you’re working with a live band.

Micromanaging and Interference

The first thing you should try to avoid when working with a live band is micromanaging. Personally, we always take the time to sit down with our clients and establish everything from playlists to outfits so that we can perform in a manner that truly pleases our hosts and audiences.

It is however important to let the band you’re working with do their thing once you are done with the planning stage. There are probably a hundred things to attend to at your event. Don’t hover around the band trying to micro-manage their performance. If they have the experience, trust that they know what they are doing and will not disappoint.

Disrespecting the Stage Requirements and Space

Depending on the kind of space and setup you’re working with, your stage space might be elevated or may be at level with everything else. When it comes to stage spaces and setups, there are two things you must remember.

The first is that if the band needs certain equipment or requires something by way of infrastructure, provide it to them. The better you support the band you have hired, the better their performance will be. Secondly, it helps to try to keep the stage space clear. Don’t ask your band to set up in a place where they may be interrupted by passing guests or children. Respect the stage space and keep it clear so the band can focus on playing for your guests!


Last but not least, under no circumstances should you haggle with performers you are hiring. Playing music is a full time profession and takes hard work. Establish payments well in advance and whatever you do, do NOT try to shortchange your musicians. It isn’t in good taste. Whether it’s investment in the upcoming performance or payment to the band for their performance, make sure you’re gracious and stick the amount that is requested.

Winding Down

 the razzmajazz band

Follow the steps above and you should have no trouble working with a band for your next event! If you’re looking for a live band that specializes in traditional jazz, Dixieland and swing, you can always hire us! We’d be happy to liven up that event. Feel free to connect with us now and let’s plan that performance!