Even though jazz music has been around for over a century, there are still a number of things people today might not know about it. Given that we’re a band who has been specializing in original jazz styles such as Dixieland, swing and ragtime, there are a few insider jazz facts that we could share with you – the sort you might have not known about before!

Here are three facts about jazz you probably haven’t heard!

Jazz used to be Pop

Today we associate jazz with elegance, class and musical aristocracy. We would not for an instant think that jazz was ever anything else. The fact of the matter is that jazz music actually began as commonplace popular music – aka pop!

By the 1920s jazz had taken over musically and was widely listened to by young people across the US.

No one Knows Who Named It

The origins of the word Jazz are still uncertain. What people do know is that the word (then spelled Jass) was a slang term often used at the time. Beyond this the story becomes unclear. Where some attribute it to baseball slang meaning to dodge or curve, others say it is an African American term with sexual connotations!

For most of us today, it simply represents the genre with the many styles that fall under it.

Jazz Musicians Communicate on Stage

If you look closely at a bunch of musicians playing live, you might notice them communicating with each other. Of course, this cannot be done by shouting out and using words due to the noise. When on stage and in the middle of a set, jazz musicians will communicate using eye signals, body language and other subtle signs that would most likely be missed out on at first glance.

Winding Down

Dixieland jazz band

There are many other interesting facts about jazz that you may not know about. These include the fact that jazz music might have the ability to make people smarter and the fact that jazz and eastern classical music have numerous elements which match and overlap!

One of the best ways to learn about jazz is to watch a jazz band perform live. If you’ve never seen a band play jazz live, you can always check us out! We’re located in Dallas – TX and would love to come and give you a taste of what jazz music is all about! Feel free to connect with us now. Till next time!