Music is extremely important, whether for entertainment, personal enjoyment or even individual development (as proven by science)! Though people may debate the relevance of music on the whole, there is one thing they won’t argue about; the importance of music at a party!

The Life of the Party

Imagine this for a second. You’re at a friend’s wedding, a birthday celebration or a corporate event. The food is spectacular, the speeches were on point and the conversation is warm and pleasing. The only thing different here is that there is no music. Imagine that!

It’s probably not easy to picture and even if you do manage to create a mental image, our guess is that it’s a dreary one! The thing is you just can’t have a party without music!

Live Vs Recorded

Now that we’re clear on the pressing importance of having musical arrangements taken care of, if you’re hosting or organizing something, we’re going to address another matter. Should you have live music or recorded music? Which is better?

As a live jazz band that plays for parties and events, of course we’ll lean slightly in favor of the former but we’re going to do our best to be objective over the course of this blog.

What Recorded Music Brings to the Table

There are certain benefits of having recorded music played by a DJ or over a self run music system at your party. Some of these benefits include predictability (if that’s what you’re into), the ability to jump genres, hearing studio recordings of your favorite artists and so on.

We admit you can’t switch what a live band is playing on the panel of your touch screen to something belonging to a different musical era or style so there is that! Apart from this however, having recorded music at your party is something that has been done and done to death since the eighties!

What About Live Music?


Sure live music can be a little more effort to organize. First of all you need to sift through the nots and connect with a skilled and experienced live band who is willing to perform at your event. After you hire a live band, you will also need to make other arrangements such as performing space and pre-coordination on what you want your band to play. Once this is done however, a live music beats recorded in many ways.

The live music experience firstly is just that. It’s an experience in its own right. The difference between listening to live music and having something pre-recorded play over the speakers is like the difference between going to the game and watching a rerun!

Live music will be played for your guests and your guests only. Further, if desired requests are within your live bands repertoire, you can have them played too (just maybe not back to back for eight hours)!

Apart from this, live music offers a visual element to the entertainment that even the best visuals may not be able to compare to! Finally, though your DJ might interact with the crowd, on stage antics and shenanigans of performing bands are worth witnessing. In short, though recorded music is great, live music for your party is in a whole other league!

Winding Down

You might be thinking that you should have connected with a live band instead of spending hours building up on that playlist. If you’re someone who is located in Dallas – Texas or anywhere else in the US and appreciate original jazz music, you can hire our band to play live at your party!

We specialize in numerous styles including Dixieland, swing and ragtime and know how to work a crowd no matter who we’re playing for! Connect with us and let’s help you get that party started!