Among the many music genres out there, jazz is one that has been appreciated and respected by music aficionados for almost a century. Everything from early or Original Jazz to more contemporary jazz styles has each made an impression in one way or another on the world of music and those who listen to it.

What Makes Jazz So Special?

Many people ask us why we decided to become a jazz band, particularly one that specializes in Original or Traditional Jazz styles. When we could have picked from anything between country and folk to rock n roll, why go for one of the most complicated musical styles on the planet?

Our answer; because jazz is music for the soul!

If you’re wondering what allows us to make such a bold claim, we’ll tell you!

Jazz Music is Complex; so is Human Emotion

If there was ever a genre that could match the complexities of human emotion—note to note— it is jazz. Jazz music is as complex as the human condition with compositions and improvised pieces which incorporate anything from four to fifteen different musicians.

Each musician adds their own unique element or influence to the composition, making it layered, complex and captivating.

Jazz Music has Depth; so does Life Experience

Another reason we say that jazz music is music for the soul is the depth it offers both to those playing it and to those listening. You don’t just have one kind of jazz composition, and even within a single composition, one can make note of numerous harmonious aspects and undertones.

Jazz is as deep as the lives and struggles that gave birth to it, a depth that even today can be experienced by those listening.

Jazz Music is Transformational; so is the Mind

 dixieland jazz band

Jazz music may be many things but it is not stagnant. Neither are our minds (at least they shouldn’t be)! We’re not just talking about how jazz music has evolved as a genre with scores of different styles and sub-styles originating from the same.

We’re talking about how even within a single composition, focus may shift from solo instruments to group improvisations and then back to a mellow bridge before an exit! If you stay with certain jazz numbers, it isn’t hard to see how they ebb and flow until the piece concludes.

The human mind is similar. We grow, we age, we learn, we make mistakes. When it comes to progress, sometimes it is two steps forward and one step backward but it’s a process we partake in as long as we live.

Winding Down

Jazz and human beings have a lot of subtleties in common. Arguably, jazz was born to communicate thoughts, feelings and emotions that we couldn’t despite all our linguistic advancement. It is for all these reasons why we can say that jazz music is in fact music for the soul!

If you want to learn more about jazz, a good place to start would be with Original Jazz styles such as Dixieland, Swing and Ragtime. Feel free to check out some of the music we have online or even connect with us if you want to hire our live jazz band for a performance!

In any case, feed your head with the right music. It’ll be well worth it!