You might be preparing for a party, putting things together for a wedding or on the managing committee for a large corporate function. In any case, you probably already know that music and entertainment make up a critical and necessary part of any event or function!

Though the US music industry is vast, chances are you’re not looking to have a big name steal your show and spotlight. When it comes to music, what you probably want is someone who can keep your guests entertained, contribute to your event and help you make the evening as memorable as possible!

That’s where we come in!

What Makes Our Band the Ideal Choice?

If you’re looking for a band to play you some sweet and spectacular Original Jazz, particularly in numbers and composition from styles such as Dixieland and Swing, our band is a great choice. Though we’re a live jazz band based in Dallas – Texas, we offer to play at all kinds of events across the country.

If you’re wondering how we can contribute to your official gathering or special occasion, here’s a little bit on our process.

Our Experience

The fact that we are experienced and have played and entertained for years is a great benefit to those we work with. For starters, we know our instruments, our genre and our jams, hence guarantee brilliant performances all around.

Further, if you’re an organizer or someone who hasn’t had enough experience with musical performances, we’ve got your back. We can help guide you and even tailor playlists and performance particulars on your behalf keeping in mind your vision!

What we’re saying is, we know how to put on a show, work a room, entertain your audience and liven any event!

Our Music


Original jazz music is the sort that almost anyone and everyone can appreciate. It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old or in between. Original jazz is also vast and encompasses everything from upbeat tunes that make you want to step, sway and snap your fingers to soothing compositions that can play melodiously in the background while you entertain your guests.

It doesn’t matter what kind of event it is, Original jazz music is quite suitable regardless – and frankly, we’re pretty good at playing it!

Our Flexibility and Professionalism

You may have heard that live musicians are a tough bunch to work with. They mess up tunes, argue about playlists, and show up late or sometimes not at all!

Further, they may insist on certain particulars, not be as skilled as they claim to be or simply not be willing to adjust their performance to your specific needs— not us!

Our only insistence is that what you choose by way of music keeps with the original jazz genre. The reason we say this is because original jazz is our specialty. We can guarantee brilliant performances which as far as we know is the idea!

Apart from this, we work with you to make sure that our performance matches and enhances whatever running themes you have at your event. It isn’t about making a statement for us. It’s about making your event a success regardless of what your event may be!

Winding Down

We’re not just good with our jazz. We’re good with your guests, we’re good with events and we’re good with working as a team. If you’re looking to hire a live jazz band, work with us! With our experience, skills and professional work ethic, we can say with surety that we’ll really help add color and flare to your event!