Even when it comes to the world of corporations and business, music can be a powerful tool as elaborated on by one article published by Forbes. Though we’re not a mariachi band like the one described in the article, we have been adding life and laughter to numerous ceremonies and occasions including corporate events for over a decade!

Your corporate event probably has a lot resting on it and chances are, you’re still wondering if the Razzmajazz Dixie Band has got what it takes to make your event a success. We feel we do— and here is why!

Our Music is Everything to Us

The first thing that makes us a brilliant choice for your corporate event is the fact that our music is everything to us. It’s what we do and what we’re always doing. We spend time jamming, playing professionally or entertaining friends and relatives, which has resulted in us having some serious skills on stage.

We know our genre and styles well, are familiar with popular original or traditional jazz favorites and can really lift our audience with our brilliant Dixieland and swing renditions. We didn’t start playing music because we needed to perform and entertain; we started performing and entertaining because we’re brilliant as a band! In short, if you want that pure jazz vibe, we know our stuff!

We’ve Been Doing this for Ages

 Dixieland jazz band

Apart from knowing our music, we know events too. We have been performing and playing at corporate events for a very long time and understand the planning and other particulars that these involve. Unlike many bands that are great at their music but may lack by way of organization, we have everything covered.

You won’t need to worry about the quality of our performance, about our members showing up late or about us not knowing what to do. We’re good at everything from organizing ourselves to working a room and can seriously add value to your event with our experience.

We Know How to Carry Ourselves

Having performed at all sorts of events at different scales, we know what different audiences, crowds and occasions require. Our band members are pleasant and groomed and we carry ourselves in a way that contributes to your hosting efforts.

No need to worry about some ragged teenage band showing up, spouting profanity and smelling of cigarettes! We’re mature, seasoned and quite classy when we need to be!

We Work with Your Vision

We are great with coordination and know your corporate event is about your organization. We don’t steal the spotlight – we simply help it shine brighter on you! We coordinate with you, understand the theme of your event and proceed to plan everything from our outfits and stage design to our playlists accordingly.

We even let you pick the number of musicians you want the performing outfit to comprise of! In short, we work with your specific requirements and deliver accordingly.

We Wow your Guests

Finally, we’re not some deadpan stage band that plays a few numbers and leaves. We’re exciting and engaging and make sure we do more than just add music to the event. We encourage audience members to participate, communicate and even respond to requests if they fall within our genre of specialty!

Regardless of who you’re looking to impress or entertain, we’ve got you covered!

The Upshot

If this information does not have you convinced, connect with us for more! If you have a corporate event coming up in Texas or anywhere in the US feel free to hire our live jazz band and make sure that event is a roaring success!