Getting married is a part of life. If you’re one of the many fortunate enough to find that special someone whom you feel you can devote yourself to for the foreseeable future, planning your wedding ceremony is probably the next thing on your list!

What Arrangements Do I Need to Make?

You probably already know that in order for that wedding to be a success, you need to make certain arrangements. These include finding a venue, connecting with caterers and making all sorts of arrangements for your big day.

Music is Always Important

Imagine a wedding without music! Just the thought is quite dreary. Music is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Furthermore, when it comes to music at weddings, live bands are usually preferred over DJs or recorded music.

Your choice of musical genre can be personal; however, when it comes to weddings, jazz is usually the safest yet exciting option.

The question is what does one look into when hiring a live jazz band for a wedding? As a jazz band that has played, performed and entertained thousands of guests at countless weddings, we’ve got a pretty good idea about what you need to look into when hiring a jazz band! Here’s our two cents!


Dixieland jazz band

The Forbes magazine published an article online about how planning one’s wedding can be akin to managing a company. One of the things they elaborated on was how when it comes to your wedding, hiring the best of the best is important.

The reason for this is because you will already have a lot to oversee during your wedding. For this reason, you want to hire professionals who know their work well. You don’t want to be running around micromanaging!

When it comes to jazz bands, you might have student bands offering services that seem attractive due to reduced costs. Don’t bite!

Make sure you settle for nothing less than a well experience jazz band. That way, you can focus your attention on hosting and other matters without having to worry about whether the band is doing their bit.

Style and Specialty

Remember, as a genre, jazz is vast. You have forms of jazz (usually those under the original or Trad jazz umbrella), including ragtime, Dixieland and swing which are ideal for weddings and other special occasions. At the same time, you also have jazz styles that though equally beautiful in their own right, might be intrusive, disruptive or overwhelming in a conventional wedding setting. These include acid jazz, bebop and fusion among others.

It is important to make sure that the live jazz band you hire specializes in jazz styles that are conducive to your event as opposed to those who aren’t. You want the atmosphere to be one of joy, delight and calm and not one that makes your guests anxious! The style of jazz you select can be a deal breaker so ask first and pick right!

Work Ethic, Options and Additionals

Finally, if can connect with a live jazz band with over a decade of experience, and one who specializes in the right jazz styles, the last thing you need to look into is; work ethic.

You want to hire a band that is comfortable performing at a wedding and one that can really add value to your event. In order to do so, the front person of the band you select should be easy to communicate with.

The two of you should be able to plan and discuss requirements with ease. Finally, a really seasoned live jazz band will likely offer to coordinate outfits and stage arrangements with your existing wedding theme. Personally speaking, our band even allows you to select from a choice of band size options so the group playing suits the scale of your wedding ideally.

In Conclusion

If you’re thorough about the particulars mentioned above, you should have no trouble finding the best live jazz band for your wedding!

If you’re located in Dallas – TX or anywhere else in Texas or the U.S. and would like us to help add flare to your event, connect with us now!