An article published in by the Odyssey online elaborates on how and why listening to live music or attending a concert is important. They describe live music as; ‘food for the ears’. The thing is, concerts today can be extremely pricey. On the flipside, you might have crossed the age where frequenting seedy bars and clubs to look for those hidden musical gems as well. If you’re thinking this is a problem it really isn’t.

Why not? It’s not a problem because you can always arrange for live music to be played at your social events and functions allowing your guests (and yourself) to soak in that melodious bliss.

What if Traditional Jazz is My Thing?

If the musical genre you’re hoping to catch live is traditional jazz including forms like Dixieland jazz, you might be wondering if having a live band at your event or social is a good idea. You don’t want your music to be poorly matched with the crowd and ambiance do you?

To address this, we have listed three social events where we are certain that Dixieland jazz would be appreciated.

Corporate Events

If you want to have a live jazz band perform, corporate events are brilliant for the same. This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, Dixieland jazz is the perfect blend between culture and lighthearted fun. Secondly, the genre is far better suited to corporate events than say hip hop or techno! Last but not least, even if the main focus is not the band, Dixieland jazz is pleasant and nonintrusive. This makes it a brilliant choice for corporate events regardless of the scale.


 Wedding theme

The fun thing about weddings is that you can literally tailor them to be whatever you want. This being said, if you’re not looking to do something completely outrageous, having a live Dixieland jazz band play is not a bad idea.

Having a live Dixieland jazz band at your wedding keeps your guests entertained and might even offer a few brilliant numbers to move to! Better yet; weddings are all about being unique, exclusive and memorable. A live jazz band performance brings exactly these attributes to the table.

Themed Parties

If you’re throwing a 20’s themed party, a Dixieland jazz band would be a perfect fit. Dixieland jazz gained immense popularity in the twenties and is recognized as the defining sound of the era. Having a live Dixieland jazz band play helps with the ambiance in two ways.

The first and more obvious way is by providing the music for the evening. The second is in their actual presence and performance. If you want to really do justice to that 1920s vibe and make your party roar, connect with and book a live Dixieland jazz band!

Winding Down

There are other social functions where Dixieland jazz bands would probably be appreciated. These include Mardi Gras parties, cultural evenings and retirement get togethers among others. To be fair, you can have a Dixie land jazz band play for you whenever you like – the events mentioned are just those that would seriously benefit!

If you’re located in Dallas – TX or anywhere else in Texas or the U.S. and would like a Dixieland jazz band to add flare to your event, connect with us now! We’ve been doing this for decades!