With the year 2019 kicking off, one of the things many of us may be doing is gearing for corporate events. Corporate events are becoming increasingly important according to one article published by the Forbes magazine online. For this reason, it makes sense for people to want their corporate events to be successful.

Making sure your corporate event is successful relies greatly on how you put it together. This involves planning, setting up and of course, execution or the event its self! Here are three things you need to do if you want that event to be a roaring success.

Our band – The Razzmajazz Dixieland Band has played for hundreds of corporate events in our time as musicians. Over the years, we have successfully entertained thousands with our music and stage performances. Given our experience, we know a thing or two about corporate events. We’re going to share some of this with you over the course of our blog.

Organize in Advance

When it comes to organizing a corporate event, you need to put a little more into it than you would in organizing a large get together or a party, for instance.

Event Motives

Be clear on why you’re hosting the event. Is it simply to network and improve your public relations? Are you looking to launch a product, scheme or some other business venture? Is it simply to promote bonding between employees within the organization or with your partner companies?

If you’re clear on what the purpose of your event is, you can be a lot more precise when it comes to putting it together.

Guest List

Once you’re clear on what other functions your corporate event may serve, you can create and edit a guest list accordingly. Look into your contact lists and make sure you invite all the relevant individuals. If your event is product or function focused, make sure people you can do business with in future are present.


After establishing your event motifs and working on a tentative guest list, it is time for you to look into logistics. This involves everything from the venue and seating to invitations and event dinner or lunch menus (depending on what time you have set your event for). Don’t forget the drinks and waiter service!

Look into Itinerary and Entertainment  

You may think your event entertainment is only about keeping your guests occupied but it is a lot more than that. The entertainment you provide can be linked in with important messages you want to convey to your guests. Further, if your entertainment is on point, this will make your event a lot more memorable. If people remember your event, they remember your organization!


Speeches are usually an important part of any corporate event. When giving a speech, you want to keep things short and impactful. You don’t want to harp on too long and bore people yet you want to get the right pointers out.

Rehearse your speeches. Use humor and learn to read your audience. If you have too many speeches in a go, maybe break them up into segments.


Music is an important part of any live event. At the same time, you want to make sure the music you’re playing is not overly intrusive and is something the crowd can appreciate. Mellow, upbeat and music with a subtle groove such as traditional jazz is usually a great option.

You can even make things more exciting by connecting with a band that is willing to play live at your event.

Live Performances

 Razzmajazz wedding band

There is something to be said about the flair and class that live performances will add to your corporate event.  Not to mention, they will likely make the evening or day a lot more memorable. Live performance adds a visual aspect to your evening that is hard to forget.

When it comes to live performance for the evening, you can even mix your musical arrangements in with the same. If you have a live interactive band playing at your event, it tops having a DJ playing recorded music by a landslide.

Live bands can bring the kind energy to the room that can’t be matched if you had simple music playing in the background. The performance too will be something exclusive to your event and will make it all the more memorable!

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

When your event is done, it’s time to follow up. Remember the purpose of the event we mentioned in the first pointer? This is the time to mobilize all outreach and networking purposes the event was meant to serve.

Connect with your guests, thank them for their presence, ask them for feedback and add all new contacts to your business data base.

The Upshot

If you walk through the planning and execution of your corporate event for the New Year, you should be good to go!

If you’re located in Dallas or anywhere else in Texas, our live Jazz band offers to play all over the state! Specializing in Dixieland and Traditional jazz, we’re sure to add flare to your corporate event!