Americans across the continent harbor one dream among others. This is the dream of retirement. A dream that involves working hard for a large part of your life so that you may spend the latter half existing at your own pace, doing the things you enjoy and catching up on pleasures you missed.

Retirement parties are special little occasions where friends, colleagues and relatives can show their appreciation for those who are retiring and bringing their professional tenures to an informal close.

Music at a Retirement Party

If you’re throwing a retirement party, like with any other party or similar occasion, the music you arrange for plays an important part. Dixieland and swing jazz are two genres that make for brilliant retirement party music and here is why!

Age Appropriate

 Happy aged people

If you were throwing a party where the bulk of your guests, as well as, those the party is being held for are under the age of thirty, you could probably go for anything from rock n roll to electronica. Your typical retirement party crowd is usually a lot older. Even those not retiring but in attendance will be over 35 for the most part.

Keeping this in mind, when it comes to age appropriate music, Dixieland and swing jazz are both on point.

Lively Enough

When it comes to being age appropriate, there is a lot of music that could fit the bill. That being said, not all music that will appeal to the retirement age group is the sort you can have playing at a party. You can’t have a rendition of Mozart casually blaring in the background. It would just be a little too much.

While being mellow and age appropriate, Dixieland and swing jazz are versatile enough to encompass tunes and compositions that will help liven things up if needed!

Nostalgic Value

As you know, jazz is the musical genre that defined the 20s. Even though many of your retirement party attendees may not have actually witnessed the twenties, they probably grew up with parents and other elders listening to the same. It may have been played in their homes or even at family gatherings and would likely be associated with good memories.

For this reason traditional or original jazz as a whole (including Dixieland and swing), are brilliant by way of nostalgic value. Your retirement party guests are sure to appreciate the sound and ambiance.

In Conclusion

If you think about it, it really is a no brainer. Dixieland and swing jazz make for the ideal retirement party music. If you’re clear on this here’s one better. Don’t have this beautiful genre simply playing over the speakers! Hire a live jazz band! This way you can make sure your retirement party is truly unique and memorable.

If you’re throwing a retirement party in Dallas – Texas or anywhere else in the state (or in the country), feel free to get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to help you make that retirement party a success.