In another 11 months, the year 1920 will be literally one hundred years (a century) in the past. Can you believe that? How time flies.

Even though the 20s were ages ago, this was a time, at least in the USA where life was starting to change. Some of the things the 20s are remembered for include the liberation of women, the birth of mass consumption and of course, jazz music! All this makes the twenties quite a nostalgic time for many, even those who haven’t lived through that age.

How to Throw a 20s Theme Party

Having a theme for a party makes things more fun and more exciting. If you’re already clear on your guest list and venue, you might want to look into a theme for your party. If you want to throw a twenties themed party, here are some things you don’t want to miss.

The Dress Code

 Party dress code

The twenties as we said was a time of change and evolution and fashion was no exception. 1920s outfits for men included fedoras, short jackets, suspenders and even long tail coats among other accessories.

Women on the other hand had a lot more to choose from. Flapper dresses are probably the most well known twenties outfits today; however there is more. Women in the twenties had different outfits to suit different activities and times of day. Evening gowns and formal wear for instance were also part of most wealthy women’s wardrobes.

Ask your guests to research 20s outfits and come rocking whatever clothes of the era that appeals to them.

The Décor and Cultural Appropriation

You don’t just want your guests dressed in twenties style outfits while the venue shouts 2019! Decorating your venue to agree with the 20s vibe is important. Think of different twenties related spaces, specifically ballrooms, bars and speakeasies. All these have obvious decorative nuances you could mimic.

Other decorative elements you could incorporate include candles or chili lights for lighting, peacock feathers, empty bottles of gin or even Champaign, barrels and crates or even a gramophone.

Between appropriately dressed guests and twenties themed décor, that’s half the battle won!

The Music

The final touch to your twenties themed party is the musical arrangements. Remember; they didn’t have DJs with portable speakers in the twenties; it was all about live music! Further, as we mentioned earlier, jazz was one of the most popular genres of the time.

If you really want to make that party roar like the twenties themselves, make sure you don’t compromise on your musical arrangements. Skip the DJ and stereo. Look around and see if you can connect with a jazz band that performs live.

Again, don’t just work with any jazz band. Jazz is an expansive genre encompassing numerous subgenres. Where a lot of jazz was produced in the twenties, there is just as much that came out long after. Make sure you hire a jazz band that specializes in traditional or twenties jazz forms such as Dixieland and Swing!

Having a live band playing twenties jazz at your twenties theme party is nothing short of brilliant!

The Upshot

If you have your outfits established, your décor set right and the appropriate musical arrangements in place, the ambiance of your party will be on point. Better yet, you and your guests are bound to have a good time. If you’re clear on these particulars, get cracking. If you’re located in Dallas – TX or, anywhere else in the U.S., and are looking for a twenties jazz band, guess what? We’re at your service!