Even if you’re just getting into the jazz genre, we can tell you for certain that this isn’t the first time you’re listening to such fine tunes. In reality, jazz has been a part of the media culture for a long time, and isn’t just limited to concerts and records.

Jazz – especially famous jazz tracks – were greatly used in movies and are still used to this day. Known for setting the perfect mood, jazz lend a certain air to the dialogue, giving the words and the emotions more power.

In other cases, moving away from these tracks, jazz with its freedom in style, was used as the ideal background music, as many sharp listeners have noted while watching the ever popular cat-and-mouse shorts.

However, if you’re not aware of those famous jazz tracks, do not worry! Below are 5 famous tracks that’ll surely have you harking back to those moments when you couldn’t help but do a little jiggle to the wonderful tunes!

1. Ain’t Misbehavin’, Jitterbug Waltz and Louisiana Fairytale – Fats WallerMan playing piano

If you’re a videogame player, you must have heard the two tracks above. Used in games like Bioshock and Fallout 76, these tunes, as well as other tracks from Waller’s music were widely used in game series. His version of Louisiana Fairytale was used in the American series, This Old House.

2. When the Saints Go Marching In, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong playing saxophoneOf course, with Louis Armstrong being one of the most beloved jazz musicians of all time, you can guess that his music must have been used generously in different movies and even television series. However, his track, When the Saints Go Marching In was originally a Christian hymn that was later played by jazz bands. As for “What a Wonderful World”, it is probably one of the most used tracks of jazz, with numerous covers as well.


3. Tiger Rag by Original Dixieland Jazz Band

Here’s a true Jazz original that probably inspired countless jazz players. Originally recorded in 1917, Tiger Rag was covered by some of the greats, from Louis Armstrong to Liberace all the way to The Beatles and more!

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