Unrestricted by specific melodies and tempos, jazz lets you be free, allowing you to use your own imagination and creativity to make beautiful music.

Perhaps this is why, when it comes to creative expression and innovation, jazz is the preferred choice for most music lovers.

But as an aficionado of this fine style of music, are you aware of all that jazz can offer, or what this genre of music can do for you?

Here are some facts that may come as a surprise!

1. Jazz isn’t just a classic style of music anymore. Many mainstream artists are now using jazz in their own music tracks.

Robert Glasper, Esperanza Spalding, Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar are just some of the many artists that use classic tracks from jazz and put their own spin on it. Mostly called hip-hop infused jazz, this style is making waves in the mainstream music world, and is inspiring a whole generation into exploring the realms of jazz.

2. Jazz wasn’t always ‘jazz’. It actually came out as a style of pop music

In other words, jazz was party music, early on dismissed because of its explosive, vibrant style. A combination of marching band music, blues and ragtime music, Jazz music became more common around the 1920s, when many artists starting favoring jazz for its hybrid, improvisational nature.

3. The Word Jazz doesn’t have any definitive origins

Although some state that the term jazz might have been taken from American slang! As the Historical Dictionary of American Slang suggests that during the late 19th century, the word was jasm, which meant spunk, spirit or energy.

4. Jazz musicians have a part of their brain turned off when they improvise

Music imageHere’s the science of it; when a jazz musician starts to improvise, their brain basically shuts off those regions that are linked to introspection and self-censoring, the dorsolateral prefrontal and lateral orbital regions. Instead, it turns on the medial prefrontal cortex, which allows self-expression.

In addition, scientific studies show that when jazz musicians play together, the part of their brain which processes languages activates, allowing you to understand the rhythm of the piece.

5. Jazz improves your physical and mental health

Next time you feel your anxiety revving up; listen to a relaxing jazz tune for 30 minutes. Jazz is quite useful in reducing your anxiety and can have the same effect as total silence. Jazz also has the unique ability of improving your immunoglobulin A (IgA) levels, which prevents bacterial and viral infections. In addition, when you listen to jazz, the tune activates your theta brain waves, which are creative brain waves.

So Listen to Some Jazz!

Jazz is more than just a genre of music, so experience it in all its glory!

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