Coming from a live jazz band, you might find it strange that we know some details about weddings. But keep in mind that we’ve been in the business for around 20 years, and have played at our fair share of weddings in Dallas, Arlington and other parts of Northern Texas.
So you could say we know a thing or two about planning the perfect celebration!
And if you’re planning to celebrate your union by having a midday winter wedding in Texas, let’s just say that’s quite an ambitious idea. Sure, we get our snow here from time to time. But for those determined to have a white winter wedding, it can be a bit challenging.
However, we don’t mean to discourage you by saying this. Even with the lack of a snowstorm, you can still have a gorgeous winter wedding. You just need to have the right elements for it!

The Elements of a Midday Winter Wedding in Texas

1. An Outdoor Venue

Midday in Texas can get pretty warm. But in the winter, we usually get some pleasant sunshine that’s just perfect for an outdoor celebration. Call it the Goldilocks weather. But with an outdoor venue, you’ll have the satisfaction of the sun shining down on you, without any worries of sweat or discomfort.

2. Comfortable Clothing

There’s nothing worse than a bride who can’t enjoy her special day because her dress was too sheer to actually protect her against the cold. With midday winter weddings, it’s best to have a full-cover dress, with sheer sleeves and a decorative shawl for some added protection. As for the groom, stick to casual clothing (suit and tie), so you can take off your coat if the weather warrants.

3.Early Ceremony

Instead of the wedding taking place around midday, have a morning ceremony instead and have a midday brunch reception. This’ll give you the whole day to celebrate.


4. Food for Comfort

Brunch is much more relaxed than breakfast or dinner. So choose a menu that matches this leisurely atmosphere. Finger food for appetizers; warm, fulfilling main courses, refreshing drinks as well as non-alcohol for the drivers in the group, in addition to some bite-size desserts.

Dixieland jazz band

5. The Right Music

A DJ will just not do for an elegant celebration such as a brunch wedding. For such an occasion, only hiring a live band will do, one that plays the classic tunes like jazz. Razzmajazz could liven up the atmosphere for that. Our music usually includes traditional, ragtime, Dixieland and swing jazz, so you’ll have everything from those fast dance numbers to some slow tunes for a romantic waltz.
And there you have it!
Just focus on accomplishing these little details and you’ll surely have a beautiful Texas winter wedding that mark the beginning of an even beautiful union!