Let’s get down to the brass tacks here.

Musical entertainment might not be on your list of the most important things to plan for your private event. However, this does not – under any circumstances – mean that you should settle for subpar entertainment and get it over with.

Given that you’re stressing over every detail of your private event, making sure it goes well, it would truly be an insult to your hard work if you choose to have simple entertainment, like playing a mix playlist through Spotify.

No, for any event, it’s important that you have the best musical entertainment, one that captures the mood and adds in the perfect dose of energy and fun to the mix.

That is only possible if you hire a jazz band!

Hiring a Jazz Band for a Private Event

Aside from being completely inoffensive – and thus suitable – for almost any event, jazz bands stand as the perfect accoutrement for those occasions where you just want to relax and be entertained.club or event occasion

Take the example of a private party where guests will want to sit around, chat and enjoy their time in each other’s company. But they’ll also want to have something they can tap their feet to; a tempo they can bob their head to, the sort of music that plays in the background, satisfying your senses without overwhelming them.

Jazz is the only music that can tick all the boxes for the ideal event entertainment.

Far more eclectic than a traditional orchestra, more fun than a harpist but less energetic than let’s say, pop dance music; jazz gives you that perfect balance of sultry music that can be danced to or just enjoyed if you’re not in the mood to be on your feet.

The Best Styles of Jazz for Private Events

Before you book a jazz band, it’s important to know which type of jazz they play. After all, there are more than 15 types of jazz styles. You don’t want to hire a band that plays acid jazz for a laid back evening.

For private events, your best choices are ragtime jazz, swing jazz or the ever-popular traditional jazz. With these styles, you’ll have a small band of 4-7 people and a smooth soundtrack that will not seem out-of-place.

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