the theme and setting the mood for the event, it still has to be within your budget.

Now, you could do away with the hassle of paying too much for music by just getting a DJ.

But when you think about it, will hiring a DJ and playing Coldplay’s latest hits really do justice to the happiest day of your life?

In a word, no!

For all joyous occasions, the music should be apt and perfect. And nothing can be more perfect than jazz!

Couple dance

Why Have Jazz at Your Wedding?

When you think about it, the real question here should be, why not!

Jazz seems like the perfect wedding music, mainly because it gives you so much to enjoy. Jazz is ideal dance music, since it can give you fast tunes to dance to and slow tunes for those necessary slow waltzes.

For those who can’t jig it up, jazz gives them a chance to simply be and enjoy the music.

Since there are usually no lyrics to go with them, there’s never any worry about causing offense to the more traditional music lovers or parents of some very impressionable young children. With its hypnotic beat and catchy rhythm, jazz appeals to everyone.

Hiring a Jazz ‘Band’ for Your Wedding

So you have the gist about jazz. Why it’s necessary for your wedding and how it can balance the overall theme of the occasion.

However, you might be mistaken if we’re simply recommending that you have jazz music and not a live jazz band!

Yes, there are plenty of jazz tracks available online that’ll sound perfect for your wedding—but hiring a live jazz band can truly add to the overall experience for your guests!

A professional jazz band will know which tunes will suit the audience mood. They’ll be able to alternate between those slow dances and upbeat tracks. And what’s better is that they’ll be able to adjust the tempo whenever needed.

Wedding ceremony

Not to mention that with a band, the quality of the music will be so much better. Sure, that YouTube music might seem fine on your headphones, but you never know if the audio quality will be the same when connected to larger speakers.

For your own sake, go with a live jazz band, like Razzmajazz in Dallas!

Offering traditional Dixieland jazz, ragtime as well as swing jazz music, Razzmajazz will add that perfect element of fun and energy to your wedding. Contact us today to book our services!