The gentle buzz of conversation, the sporadic clink of the wine glasses and the cozy tunes of jazz playing – if you’ve been a regular attendee at your office’s corporate events, these are the sounds you’ll usually hear in the background.

Now, the gentle buzz and the clinks are expected of any social event. But have you ever wondered why jazz music has gotten so popular?

Let’s explore!

It’s Relaxed but Classy

All corporate events have to maintain a certain level of formality and style— so pop or rock music might not fit in with the theme or the overall air of the occasion. Jazz is light music. It’s fun and daring but it’s not vulgar, and that makes it the most appropriate option.

It Suits All Demographics

Jazz is a very unique genre of music, in that it suits almost every taste and every age. There truly is nothing offensive about the style. So whether it’s a +60 senior executive or a junior from the mailroom listening to it, you’ll find almost everyone enjoying the tune.

It’s Low Key

Except for swing music or any type of jazz sub-genre that is specifically for celebrations, jazz is pretty low-key. Its subtle chord structures, its tempo, it’s quite soothing to listen to. So when you play it at business events, the music lends a sort of informal tone to the occasion and thus makes people feel relaxed.man playing violin

 It Suits All Locations

Whether you’re playing jazz at an outdoor team-building event or for an entrepreneurial seminar, the music just fits. The presentation of the pieces, the genre, regardless of the grandeur or ambiance of the place, jazz is able to lend a certain air of completion, like the cherry on top of the perfect cake.

It’s Subtle

Of course, corporate events are all about socializing and connecting. But you can’t do that if there’s some really loud music drowning your words. With jazz, the music remains present without overpowering the actual tone and noise level of the environment.

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