Weddings, corporate events, parties – these are the occasions that warrant the extra attention-to-detail, the added effort to turn it into an unforgettable event.

And this is exactly why you often see live performers at such affairs. Because without them, there won’t be anything that would elevate the ambience of the day!

Why Do We Love Live Performances?


DJ music can’t bring the same style of artistic beauty as live performances. With live solos by guitarists, sax players, bass players and drummers to keep you entranced, you’re able to experience something completely new, even if the music is classic.


Bands don’t always follow a set track list. They’re able to revamp, shorten, extend and even alter the lyrics of the songs if they want to. And this brings a certain element of creativity to the mix. And that’s not something that you can enjoy with a mix track.


Energy, excitement, the extra sizzle of the live performance, these are the things that people will remember later on. Sure, you can have the same memories with DJ music, but they don’t have the exact aura as a memory of one dancing to live music as the musician passionately plays their instrument.

 Personal Taste

With live performers, you can move away from the same style of music that you usually hear at events. Instead, you’re able to add your own playlist and choose your own genre. That’s especially helpful if you want specific music that goes with the theme of the occasion, for example jazz music for a classic-themed party.


Typically, a DJ costs more than $2,500 and even this is a minimum amount. However, by hiring a reputable live band however, especially one that has experience, you can have several talented affordable musicians who’ll work hard to give your event the best playlist. And in fact, will even play special requests without charging extra.

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Looking for a Live Band?

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