Dixieland Jazz or traditional Jazz originated in New Orleans, which is of course, known as the birthplace of the music genre.

During a time when minority communities did not have a way of expressing their artistic talent, Jazz was considered as a pioneering style, mainly because it was in a category of its own. Neither was it limited by European music style or influenced.

Instead, traditional jazz came forth through the creativity and talents of numerous, unique artists who started experimenting with brass instruments until they came up with a distinct style.

However, this is a simplification of Dixieland Jazz.

Let’s briefly go into the depths of it all!

The Demand for Exceptional Style in Music

Jazz originated during the start of the 20th century. Before Jazz, the city’s musical community was mostly dominated by all-white brass bands that would perform in parades and community events and offer music for funerals.man playing saxophone

Despite their dominance in the field and in number, they simply couldn’t match the demand for musicians in the City’s red-light district, Storyville. Bordellos required all-night music and the men simply couldn’t handle the work. As time went on, these houses started employed sole players. First, piano players, then trumpet then trombone players. Soon enough, the standard shifted, and bands started picking up other stringed instruments.

These bands, because of their variety in music, also started playing in various other establishments, and soon gained a lot of popularity. But what made it so irresistible – aside from the sultry music – was that these bands were not limited in ethnicity. African American musicians, white European musicians – these bands had very few rules and only a great need to express their artistic talent.

As their popularity grew and the music started reaching the far corners of America, the original musicians started travelling as well. And that allowed other aspiring musicians to experiment with Dixieland jazz which gave way to a new musical movement – swing!

The Revival of Dixieland Jazz

With so many sub genres of jazz becoming more popular, many feared that Dixieland jazz would just retire. However, the traditional musicians were there to save the day, and as the 1940s rolled in, we saw a re-discovery of jazz, a renewed interest.

And though that renewed interest did settle down as the years went by, one thing became clear – Dixieland jazz was never going to retire. It would remain as the chief style in Jazz, especially for the purists obsessed with Jazz.

Dixieland jazz band

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