As introverts we prefer nothing more than pulling back, getting some space from people in general and focusing on our interests, many of which can be undertaken in solitude! Others however may be a little more social which means interacting and engaging with other people is something they enjoy and welcome.

What better way to; connect with people, socialize, meet others and make new friends as well as reconnect with old ones than by throwing a party?!

What Makes a Party?

Of course what really brings life to any party is the people there. That being said, coming in as a close second would be the arrangements you make. This would include location, décor, food, drink and of course music!

What Music Brings

Music is not just something that hums and buzzes on the side when it comes to a party (though for some it could be). For most however, the music playing at a party is what sets the tone for the evening or day depending on what time you’re hosting.

Besides helping establish the ambiance that in turn affects the mood of those present, the kind of music you play can literally make or break the evening.

Live or Recorded  

There is no harm in playing recorded music at a party however, you might have noticed that at the most successful gatherings and events, it isn’t recorded music that is played. The best and most memorable parties often hire live bands, DJs and other talented musicians to help make the even truly special.

The reason for this is that live musicians bring with them an energy that cannot be mimicked when music is played over a speaker. We’re talking about the difference between a box blaring songs of your choice and the pleasure of interacting with real live musicians as they create sounds to more both heart and body. All this before your eyes!

A live band is great in order to entertain guests, liven things up and add a unique touch to your party that others might even find hard to follow. Further, guests can interact with a live bad, make requests, collaborate and literally enjoy the experience of moving, dancing or simply listening to music which is being played just for them.

Last but not least, a live band not only adds to the auditory ambiance in a versatile way but also to the general aesthetic!

Bottom Line

If you are planning to throw a party and are looking for something a little less electronic with more soul, you should check out our live Dixie jazz band based in Dallas TX! Listen to some of our stuff and if you like what we do, we’d be thrilled to play at the next evening you organize!